Hi Folks. Welcome to Driven.

First an apology.  This website should have been up years ago.  Subscribers to the Drive podcast deserve a better website experience than has been offered up in the past.  Driven Car Reviews is my chance to right that wrong.  Right now we’re in beta so keep that in mind.

When the TV station I work for changed hosting sites in the fall of 2009, new Drive podcasts couldn’t be posted.  Then the web address for the written reviews changed making them difficult to find.  In short the wheels fell off and the whole thing came to a grinding halt.  Frustrating for you, unacceptable to me.  So after months of planning and ignored household chores, I offer up to you a better solution.

Driven will provide a more consistent experience.  Does the world need another automotive website?  Maybe not.  But as Drive subscribers have come to understand, I review cars a little bit differently.  Driven Car Reviews takes a real world approach to testing vehicles.  It’s doubtful you’ll ever buy as much Costco TP as I stuff into various trunks but you’ll at least gain an understanding into how useful the cargo space really is.   That’s the goal, to give you better knowledge of what each car and truck has to offer.

It’s my intention to make this information relevant and entertaining for everyone- enthusiasts, families looking for a vehicle that suits their needs, and everyone in between.  It’s my pledge that every review is as unbiased as humanly possible.

Got an iPhone or other smartphone?  The same web address will give you a handy mobile version of Driven.  Check it out.  A number of unpaid volunteers and I may have started this site but in the end it belongs to all of us who love the automotive world.  The first few months will be a bumpy road.  Hang in there.  For us the learning curve is steep, the cash situation tight, and there are only 24 hours in a day.  Special thanks to Push Push Pixel Graphics, Randy Omell, Dale Steinke, John Goff, Andrea and Nelson Nakata, the folks at KING Television, plus, of course my very understanding family.

So check in often to see what’s happening here.  Eventually I’ll be asking for your help to make it a better place.  Thanks for making Drive the top rated car review podcast on iTunes.  Your kind words and 5 star reviews are appreciated.  Driven Car Reviews will continue to provide the same valuable information and honest opinions.  Stay tuned and thanks for your support.

Tom Voelk


  1. crash says:

    Hi Tom,

    Great looking site…I really enjoy your reviews…I found your podcast while searching for my currect car (which helped influence my decision) and have been hooked ever since.

  2. frances gatanaga says:

    WOW! This is great! Congratulations on putting this all together!

  3. RayinStL says:

    Congrats!!! I love your podcast. You’re great. Soon to be one of my favorite websites – I’m sure!!

  4. revilo1 says:

    Congratulations Tom!!

  5. Roadagent says:

    Tom, I really enjoy your review style, very down to earth, not overly techinical but informative. Your video presentation makes me wish the review was longer. I look forward to reading the more detailed written reviews.
    Thanks for this website and keep up the great work.

  6. apollo says:

    Am I the first to leave a comment here? Sweeeeet! Looks good guys, looking forward to what you guys are going to do. I’d like to see more videos!