GM Vision For Future City Car

GM EN-V Xiao (c) General Motors

General Motors today unveiled in Shanghai, three different versions of a new two-person electric vehicle called EN-V. A new concept for urban mobility, EN-V is short for Electric Networked-Vehicle and the three examples are named to emphasize the enjoyment of driving: Jiao (Pride), Miao (Magic) and Xiao (Laugh).

EN-V was designed to address concerns of traffic congestion, parking availability, air quality and affordability for tomorrow’s cities, combining electric power with connectivity to access traffic information and communicate with other vehicles.

Each EN-V concept was designed by a different GM design team around the world.  Xiao (Laugh) was designed by GM Holden’s design team in Australia, Jiao (Pride) came from designers at GM Europe and General Motors Advanced Design Studio California created Miao (Magic).

EN-V has evolved from the platform of the Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility (P.U.M.A.) prototype that was developed by Segway and debuted in April 2009.

GM EN-V Maio (c) General Motors

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  1. GusGT says:

    Why would GM unveil the future in China?