New Podcasts Are Coming Soon. Really.

Part of the reason I started this site was to communicate better with Drive subscribers.  I haven’t uploaded a new video recently because I’ve finally put my foot down about how poor the resolution is.  FYI, the videos have always been shot on pro Sony equipment and look terrific in Hi Def.  The process used to get them onto iTunes involves first dubbing them to standard definition video and then compressing it in a way that makes it appear muddy.

Enough of that crap.

The past week I’ve put my energy into getting them from our “unique” Sony Xpri edit system to encode properly on Final Cut Pro.  The results are impressive but the process is tedious.  I hope to have a new segment up using this method by Friday at the latest.

Please be patient, it’s all about improving the product.    I wish it were simple but quality rarely is.    A bonus, if I can get the compression right, I hope to offer Drive (soon to be renamed Driven) in HD.

Hope you’re enjoying the website!  TV


  1. OneOfOne says:

    I hope it is hd quality. I am watching on my 60 inch tv via rss

    • TV says:

      I have uploaded the first of the improved quality podcasts, the Cadillac SRX. It probably won’t look great on the 60 incher since it’s compressed to iPhone/iPod touch standard from Final Cut Pro. It looks better on a computer screen though when the window is 7-8 inches across.

      If you want HD then go to YouTube. Future episodes will be there because the bandwidth is free for me. They will still remain on iTunes, hopefully improve to HD. I upload 720p 1080i MP4s to YT and it looks pretty good on my 27 inch monitor. There they under Drive Car Reviews. I need to merge the brands in the near future.

      Stay tuned, we are always working on something. TV

  2. GusGT says:

    TV, thank you for caring about quality. It’s worth the wait.