The latest cover of Motor Trend says “Buick is Back!”  Is it?  The Enclave was good, LaCrosse better, and Regal waits in the wings.  So sound off.  Do you think that Buick is worth a look these days?  Find a link to two MT articles below.


  1. crash says:

    I think the Lacrosse is absolutely rockstar…I’d drive one. I’m 40.

    I live in SW Ontario – so frequently see new cars driving around (pre production)…I actually saw the new Regal…very nice. Not as stand out as the Lacrosse – but commendable for sure.

    I can’t see how Mercury will be able to compete w/ this.

  2. autobot85 says:

    My mom needs a new car and I actually told her, “Buy a Buick.” I think the new line looks fantastic but the problem still lies in I told my mother to buy one, I don’t think Buick yet registers with people under 50. Cut 2 doors off a Pontiac G8 & make it a Grand National and then I’ll visit a showroom.

  3. apollo says:

    I saw a new Lacrosse the other day and didn’t know it was a Buick until I saw the badge on the back when it pulled away. Very surprised since I had seen photos of it. Nice looking car in person. I’m waiting to see what the Regal looks like though. Sounds like the quality is very good from the JD Powers reports. Don’t think I’d buy a Buick but it looks like they are doing all the right stuff.

  4. bozaman says:

    it’s too early to tell to draw any firm conclusions, but the new regal (based on the opel insignia, which has been well received) looks to be promising and is something i would compare against audi and mercedes were i in the market for a sport sedan. the gs trim-level (based on the opel insignia opc) would be right up there on a short list, i think.

    only a longer view of improved product offerings and class-leading (not class-matching) quality will tell the full story about whether buick is truly “back”, though.