2010 Toyota CamryIt’s QOTD Weekend Edition.  Are you keeping your car longer these days?  Is it because of the economy?  Is it just better made?  Do you just really like it?  Discuss!


  1. revilo1 says:

    Yes, yes, yes and yes!!..
    My 10 yr old VW Jetta performs as good as new with just a few visual defects here and there. From a distance looks still looks great after an expensive carwash. Knowing the full history of the car is a plus, I feel It has been molded to my driving style over the yrs. This was my first new car, it does have plenty of sentimental value, I still like it.

  2. autobot85 says:

    Yes, I’m keeping my car longer. As I’m writing this my car is actually in the shop get $2k worth of repair. I have to repair it because it’s still way cheaper and easier than trying to sell it and get something else. So, yes it’s due to the economy. The way things look, I’ll be driving this car until cars fly and you have to change your website from “Driven” to “Flown”