What We’ve Learned In The First Month

When the Driven crew gets together for coffee on the weekends, we talk cars (duh) and then discussion turns to how we can improve the site.  First, we’re working to link the videos within each of the review posts.  In the end that’s what sets this site apart, well done videos that show what life with a particular car is all about.

We are also working to get the backlog of videos and reviews up on the site and searchable.  This will take a while.  The reviews go back over 6 years, all of them in high definition video.  A searchable database would help those considering that used Aztek or Baja.

Is there anything you’d like to see?  We can’t help unless you make yourself heard below.   The mission here is car reviews plus a bit of news.  But hey, we’ll head in any direction you want, so long as it’s legal.

We have learned a few things while taking the first baby steps.   A few observations-

First, you’re a shy bunch.  We’ve had lots of people register, not too many comments. It leads us to believe you’re as cool as Clint Eastwood.  Whatever.  We’re plesantly surprised at the traffic volume for a new unknown site. BTW, your email is confidential.  We won’t sell the list or bother you with specials on Viagra.  Registration is only to keep the spammers out.

Second, you’re smart.  So far all the comments have been from a very informed place.  We like smart people because as a group we can learn from each other.

Third, producing a website from scratch is a black hole for time and energy.  Makes us appreciate Autoblog, The Car Connection, Inside Line and The Detroit Bureau all the more.

But being big is not what Driven strives to be.  It’s about showing you what a car is all about, its essence, its reason for being on the market.  We love cars because they are so many things- Transportation, design, pop culture, politics, and big business.  Best of all they transport us, not just from Point A to Point B, but to a happy place.  Life is good after you’ve executed the perfect turn, no?

That’s it for this week.  There are some excellent videos ready to post next week on iTunes.  Enjoy.  TV

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