Wouldn’t You Really Rather Drive a Buick?

Don’t look now but that old slogan just might have relevance today.  Seems Buick is snagging substantially younger buyers with their new models.  Robert Snell writes about the brand for the Detroit News and finds a lot of life left in the brand.  While sales of the Lucerne are down 15 percent, the well regarded LaCrosse is skyrocketing.  This look to get even better once Regal hits the market (pictured).



  1. apollo says:

    its funny that my 60 year old parents are stuck on toyotas and i think it would be kinda neat to buy a turbo buick. i like the way the new ones look. my best friend inherited his grandpas buick and has not had one problem with it for 3 years. its an ugly rendezvous but it gets the band gear around

  2. crash says:

    I live in Ontario – near where the soon to be launched Regal will be produced…I frequently see them driving the 401 (our main highway) and I must say – it does look good. Not nearly as good as the Lacrosse – but still very slick

  3. autofan says:

    Isn’t this basically Buick’s version of the Saturn Aura?

  4. bozaman says:

    having just seen the new regal up close and personal this past weekend at the denver auto show, i can tell you that buick is on to something – i was blown away, and were i in the market for sport sedan, the regal would definitely be on my short list once the manual transmission is available (early 2011 based on the buick reps i spoke with at the car show).