Did They Copy the TP Test? Cars.com Goes to Costco.

Driven member superocean brought an interesting Cars.com video to our attention.  In order to test the trunk space of a number of family sedans they took a trip to Costco and tried to jam the shopping excursion into the various trunks.   Sound familiar? Does it? Does it? Huh? Huh?

OK, kidding. But it may be hard to hold out lawyers back. Alright, so we have no lawyers. It’s completely different from the legendary TP Trunk Test but they did include a bundle of the professional’s choice in the test, Kirkland brand bath tissue.  Also included were baby wipes,paper towels (boring), instant oatmeal, snack food and a box of cup ‘o noodles that seldom made it into the trunk.  Product placement perhaps?

Check out the video below and post your opinion below.  While this is an apples to oranges test, we can’t help but think the TP in there is a nod to our videos.  Regardless, lets salute the folks at Cars.com for real world testing.  It’s something near and dear to our hearts.

Finally, let me take this opportunity to thank the terrific folks at Costco #1 for allowing me to trudge into their store week after week and borrow their TP.  They are truly a great bunch.  Bottom line?  I’m proud to use their TP rather than Charmin.    Sorry, couldn’t resist the bad pun….



  1. hiptech says:

    BTW, Creative Commons licensing should protect your site against copyright infringement, at the very least I’d bet WordPress is protected so really there is some protection for your work…

  2. hiptech says:

    How about this idea, develop inflatable cubes the same physical dimensions as the Costco TP packs and market to other blogs, review sites as “DrivenReviews Trunk Test Cubes”. Perfect for out of town reviews where Costco TP is unavailable or impractical to bring?

    • hiptech says:

      Tom, you may have legal recourse to pursue Cars.com based on Creative Commons licensing agreements. If not through this site directly than possibly through WordPress…

    • TV says:

      Great idea! I’ll let you make them up for me and I’ll give you half the profits. I suppose Costco will want a cut too. That means we will both be rich in, uh… 20 or so years. If we’re lucky.