Is Mercury History?

The rumors have swirled for years but a Bloomberg article claims Ford is getting ready to shut down the division after some 70 years in operation.  Conceived during the Great Depression by Edsel Ford as a bridge between Ford and Lincoln, it’s possible the brand may not survive the current economic recovery period.

It’s important to remember this is speculation.  “Our plans regarding Mercury have not changed,” said Mark Truby, a Ford spokesman. “Like any good business, we constantly assess our business portfolio. If things change, we will let you know.”

Mercury sales peaked in 1978 at 579,498, when it had the slogan “The Sign of the Cat.” Deliveries fell 84 percent to 92,299 last year.  Mercury’s sales are up 23 percent this year through April but that’s less than Ford Motor’s overall gain of 33 percent.


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