Ooops! Volvo safety demo turns out differently than planned.

Look up “safety” in the dictionary and there’s bound to be a photo of a Volvo. With the media assembled, Volvo intended to show off its latest safety tech, a collision warning system on the new S60,

Designed to detect an impending impact and then automatically stop the car, the demo didn’t quite work as planned.

Moving at 30 mph, the media watched it hit the back of the truck without so much as a hint of braking. Seems that human error during prep is to blame. Perhaps the same guy lost a prototype cell phone too..?

Not all is lost though. The impact shows how good a Volvo protects during impact since the passenger compartment is completely uncompromised. A personal note- my wife and children experience the very same type of impact in an 850 10 years ago and walked away with nary a scratch.

Enjoy the video, even more if you speak Swedish.

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  1. SB9T says:

    Very nice, Love my 850- just had it serviced today actually