The Big Question

This site was started so we could communicate with each other better. So far so good. Nice to know you’re extremely informed and smart. No, I’m not pandering to your ego but if you’d like to send me money, I’d be happy to compliment you on your snappy shirt.

The most frequent question on iTunes is this- Why aren’t there more reviews? Simple. These videos take a lot time to produce. Most people who work in video production are amazed that these are pumped out once a week considering the quality. Generally, photography takes a full day (if Seattle’s weather cooperates). Fact checking, writing and editing take another couple. Encoding the pieces so they can play online takes quite a long time. In short, it’s all we can do. We appreciate the love though.

The Drive segments on iTunes are shorter now. I post the longer version here because they look better on the website, plus there’s a place for people to offer up their opinion and experience. Once Driven gets promoted there will be more folks doing just that.

I joke about money but I long ago came to the realization this is not a wealth building proposition. And that’s OK because it’s a lot of fun (and hopefully informative for you). I’m pretty sure my wife doesn’t notice the drain on our savings account…

As always post your questions below or in the forums. Soon we will have a new contributor from the auto industry that will offer up a weekly opinion on the state of the industry. So spread the word about Maybe I’ll have hats and T-shirts made up…

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