Audi’s “The Next Big Thing” Videos Episode 6 Series Finale

Back in 2001 BMW started a series of 8 short action movies called “The Hire” starring Clive Owen. Directed by big names such as Ang Lee, Guy Richie and John Frankenheimer, each was different in tone. The only common thread was Mr. Owen as a driver for hire. Very cool.

Audi has started up a series of 6 videos called “The Next Big Thing” though unlike “The Hire”, Big Thing is serialized. One glance will tell you it’s all about promoting their new A1 (which may or may not be coming to the US). Yes, it’s a big ad but hey, but so are most movies these days. Stuffed full of action, Dania Ramirez takes an unsuspecting Justin Timberlake into a world of danger and product placement. Herik Sundgren directs.

Will Justin become the new Jason Borne? Will he get the girl? Will he want the girl after she nearly (and often) gets him killed. The entire series is below in order. Even the trailer. That’s how much we care.

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Audi “The Next Big Thing” Trailer

Audi “The Next Big Thing” Episode 1

Audi “The Next Big Thing” Episode 2

Audi “The Next Big Thing” Episode 3

Audi “The Next Big Thing” Episode 4

Audi “The Next Big Thing” Episode 5

Audi “The Next Big Thing” Episode 6

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  1. Toaster says:

    Great commercial. Love this kind of creativity. If you have to watch ads, they might as well be entertaining, right?