Here’s What’s New At Driven

Notice the changes at Driven? It’s now much easier to search the site to find the reviews and videos you’re looking for. It’s also more clear to see what’s going on with posts and the in the forums.

You may have noticed people love to watch the videos but are shy about posting. Help out others! Please post your experiences if you happen to own a vehicle that I’ve reviewed. It’s always good to add to the knowledge base. Also…


Driven Car Reviews requires registration but you will not get bombarded with junk mail, Registration is simply a way to keep Driven from being inundated by robot spammers flooding the posts and forums with Viagra and singles ads. You’re getting enough of that crap as it is.


Notice that there are search boxes for Amazon along the side? Drive is a labor of love for me but gas, insurance, road food, computers, and hosting services are not paid in affection. You’ll be spending money at Amazon anyways, please do it through this site. That way I get a tiny fraction of Jeff Bezos’ billions to buy a few things to make the videos even better. Hardly a rich a get rich quick sceme but my lovely and patient wife appreciates the checking account balance dropping at a slower rate.


The rag tag group that keeps this site together are working to make the features and interface as good as the information. As always, hope you’re enjoying the reviews and thanks for your support. TV


  1. crash says:

    I actually have given up on Motor week / C&D / etc….rationale being that they focus too much on the ‘dream cars’…yes, it’s certainly nice to see them, dream of owning one, etc….however for every day stuff – their reviews leave a little to be desired.

    Tom’s reviews are unbiased and honest. They try to point out the good and bad. They’re fact based with stuff that I care about.

    Keep up the good work!! When are we going to see some reviews from you on the new Charger / 200 / Avenger / 300? I’m seeing some press – but no release dates and no reviews.

    • TV says:

      I’m going down tomorrow to look at a bunch of their new stuff, hope to get it all on the site late next week. They will be less reviews and more observations about what has changed because they are packing a lot into 3 days.

    • raschmidt says:

      I’ve given up on those too, C&D, R&T, Motor Trend, they all seem to just try not to be out done by doing the most ridiculous comparisons, sometimes ridiculous stunts like Top Gear (one of them recently did a production car vs race car, like C6R vette vs ZR1). Some of the stuff is interesting……if you’re watching a tv show like Top Gear, but its more often irrelevant and kinda boring. I get more excited when they decide to compare all of the reasonably priced midsize sedans.

  2. fx@infiniti says:

    I agree with “crash”, this is a great site. I’ve only recently discovered your site and so I’m doing a bit of catch-up on the various reviews. I especially like that your reviews are longer than just a minute or two, you really take the time to thoroughly takes us through each vehicle. Alas, I don’t shop at Amazon that much…now, if you had a link for as well. Keep up the good work…and one more thing; thank you so much for not slapping annoying banners and graphics all over your reviews like “MotorWeek” does – good grief that’s irritating.

    • TV says:

      I have a friend that works at Amazon and she’s been very good to us so I’m helping them to grow their little book store. Hope it works out for them…

      I try to keep it pretty simple and give people a look at the car, not graphics or crazy montages, just enough to keep it interesting. It’s also why I don’t often use an in-camera shot of me driving. I’m pretty sure no one wants to see me blabbering on when they could see an exterior of the car.

      Glad you like the site, it’s growing every week so spread the word! It takes a good amount of time to do the videos right. The HD quality should be getting even better with the next few reviews. I’m encoding them at a higher rate now.

  3. crash says:

    Tom – GREAT site!

    If I lived in the US – I’d buy all my gear through your Amazon portal.

    All the other closet posters – get out there!!! :)