2011 Chrysler 300 Pics Hit The Web

ch011_007thYou know it’s been coming, the photos are finally here. There’s no mistaking what car this is, the Chrysler 300 makes an evolutionary jump design wise. While there are no interior shots as of yet, what I’ve seen (and the factoring in the huge leap in quality that Durango, Charger and Grand Cherokee have demonstrated) bode very well for the 300. Full gallery below.

Those interested in Chrysler will want to watch the exclusive interview with the candid Chrysler President and CEO Olivier Francois.

Enjoy! Discuss!


  1. bozaman says:

    chrysler has really started to pick up their game now that fiat has gotten involved and re-focused the team on making cars instead of lining the pockets of cerebus investors. kudos to sergio, olivier and the rest of the chrysler team!

    the new 300 looks very, very nice especially up front – i see touches of audi here and there without being a blatant copy, imho. the rear, however, continue to confound me. it’s like the designers gave up (again) once they got around to the back. i don’t get it.

  2. crash says:

    I think I like everything about this car – beyond the face. For some reason – in pictures it doesn’t seem correctly proportioned to the rest of the body. It’s also a bit too evolutionary for my liking…I wish they went a bit further….