The “Top 11″ List Is Coming

It’s getting to be that time of year where I hash it out out with a few of my automotive minded friends on what the best cars of the year were.  I already have 5 of them nailed down, there are a dozen more that may or may not make the final cut.  I feel at least one of my locked in choices is sorely missing from the lists I’m beginning to see.

Partly because it’s hard to make a decision (and partly due to my love of the movie “This is Spinal Tap”) my list goes to 11.  This year I’d like to hear from you folks.  What do you think the most significant cars of 2010 were?  While I’d love to include COTY winner Chevy Volt and the award winning Nissan Leaf, I have only seen them briefly and therefore they are excluded.  Both times I was offered the cars I was out of town.  I need to clone myself.

So let me know what you think.  I’ll remind new readers that signing up is painless and you will not be spammed. Ever. Honest.

Here are my ground rules- Top 11 winners are judged on performance, design, functionality, and value.  There is a a $75,000 price limit because this is a website for the people.  It’s tough for most of us to make the payments on a GTI let alone an R8.

Top 11 winners receive a beautiful handblown glass trophy designed by famed Seattle artist Dale Chihuly.  OK, in my dreams.  Maybe, just maybe I might email the manufacturers.


  1. crash says:

    From my side:
    Grand Cherokee
    CTS Coupe

    Hey Tom – when are you going to share your insights on the new Chysler line up?

  2. Oli - Zambia says:

    If the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is anything like my 2007 Grand Cherokee then It definitely deserves a place on this list!

  3. raschmidt says:

    Haven’t driven any of these, but based on what I’ve read and seen and know about the previous models:

    1) Hyundai Sonata
    2) Infiniti M
    3) Ford Mustang
    4) Dodge Charger
    5) Cadillac CTS Coupe
    6) Kia Optima
    7) BMW 5 Series
    8) Honda CR-Z
    9) Saab 9-5
    10) Volvo S60
    11) Chevrolet Cruze