Free Driven T-Shirts! “Like” These Videos! Big iTunes News!

A “Like” Means a Whole Lotta Love

OK, I’m kidding. Driven will never be bigger than Autoblog but you can help to make it more poplar than it is now.  Just click the Facebook “like” icon at the top of each review. It’s amazing how many eyeballs it drives to the site. Do this and you have my deepest appreciation.

Driven Finally Hits iTunes

If you want to take these high definition videos where ever you go (and who wouldn’t) they are now available for download at the Apple iTunes store. Again, I’ll ask for your help. Please leave your honest and unbiased reviews at the new Driven Car Reviews podcast, it would be much appreciated.

Driven be found most easily by searching for “car reviews” in the upper right hand corner of the iTunes store. Currently it’s the fourth one on the list.

T-Shirts Anyone?

I’m making up some “Dynamic D” shirts and like everything here at DCR they will be free. In the coming weeks Driven will kick off a Best Post of the Week contest. The winner gets a stylish high-quality T-shirt complete with shameless plug for your favorite automotive video website run by a guy in Seattle who measures trunks with bundles of Costco TP. It’s taking longer than I had hoped since I hate cheap looking shirts. Winners will be proud to wear these 100% cotton shirts. Watch for it! In the meantime, remember, “like” those videos!

Thanks, TV

A CLARIFICATION- It has come to my attention that my flip sense of humor has concerned some.  Originally when talking about the new podcast, this post read “leave a five-star review (even if you have to lie)”.  Please don’t lie.  Lying is bad.  I would never ask any DCR user to actually do that, it was late, I was kidding.  So again, if you want to leave a reviews, even if it’s a one-star slam about my hair, please do so.  Thanks for understanding.


  1. TV says:

    Full length. HD too so they look good through Apple TV on your big screen.

  2. kenwenzel says:

    Are the iTunes videos going to be the full length test, or just a shortened version like the original Driven Reviews?