You Do Know What Woot is, Don’t You?

Woot could possibly be my favorite website.  Its concept is simple- Sell one thing a day and offer it up very inexpensively.  When it runs out, it’s gone.  At midnight (central time) a new item hits the site.  Shipping is cheap, five bucks for up to three items no matter if it’s a USB flash drive or a 50 inch television.  The only catch is that sales are final, so do your homework kids.

While the items and prices good, the writing is even better.  I have to believe some of them write for The Onion too (you do know about The Onion don’t you?).  I may only buy something from Woot every three months, but the product descriptions are great entertainment.

Full disclosure, like buying something through Amazon when clicking here on Driven, I get a HUGE cut of the sales if you do the same by clicking on the Woot buttons (if one or two percent is your idea of huge).   So if you find Woot to be a personal favorite, please remember to click to it from Driven Car Reviews when you actually purchase something.  That way, I’ll be able to buy Autoblog in, say, 70 years (if there’s no inflation in that time period).

There are four Woot’s to choose from and even if you don’t buy anything, it’s great fun to check out.  I wouldn’t be part of their minion program if I didn’t truly recommend the site.  Hope you like it folks!  TV

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