And The Winner of The First High Quality Embroidered Limited Edition Driven Hat Is…

Well there are two of you actually. Seems only right that we should award the first chapeau to the member with the most comments in the history of the site. That would be Toaster.

Our next choice is FinalBlue who as a new member has been very enthusiastic.

That means the week starts fresh again. Another high quality embroidered limited edition Driven hat is ready to be mailed off. Just post and you could win.

This website is better when everyone participates. We like questions. We like when you share your experiences. We like humor. Hey, we like it when you disagree with us. Even if it’s just a few words, be heard.

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Why do we ask you to register? In a word, spam.  It’s to protector site from the evils of the internet spambots.  It’s a long story and you want to watch car videos so we won’t bore you with the details.  It is, and always has been, our promise not to spam you.


  1. Toaster says:

    I thanked Tom via email, but realized it was bad form not to do so publicly. Don’t want to seem ungrateful! Thanks again Tom for the prize, and for all the great insights week after week!

  2. FinalBlue says:

    I’d like to thank the academy…

    Even though I’ve already won a hat, I’m still going to comment, naturally. Next up on my comment/analysis list is the car that first led me to this site: the Nissan Juke, which for some reason can’t be mentioned without a full-on flame war erupting over its controversial exterior.

    And GusGT, I already used the “Hat’s off” joke. Check the first article on the site regarding the hat contest (strangely enough, you commented on that very article, so you probably saw the joke…). Remember that plagiarism is bad, everyone, hahaha.

  3. GusGT says:

    Congratulations to Toaster and FinalBlue! My hats off to the both of you.