Free Limited Edition Driven Hats! Here’s How To Register!


You love the website, now wear the hat! Yes, you could be the proud owner of a Driven Car Reviews limited edition cap and we’re not kidding about limited edition. Only 50 exist, the first 15 are going to Team Driven, the underpaid and overworked bunch who helped to launch the site. The rest are for you (who are probably also underpaid and overworked).

We’re giving one away each week. How do you claim your hat?  Write a post anywhere on the site. Each week the person who writes the best one gets the prize. It’s just that simple. Could be funny. Could be insightful.  Could be one word.  Just post.  That lucky person also gets fame and glory in the form of a congratulatory post.

We’ve made it easy to register and our no spam policy remains. It’s in your best interest to provide your real email address since it’s how we’ll get in touch with you to send your hat off. Did we mention it’s limited edition?  Also, this offer is limited to US and Canadian addresses only. Sorry but postage to Botswana costs more than the cap itself.

Make no mistake, people have already offered to buy these fine quality Port & Company cotton twill beauties with the Dynamic D embroidered, not printed, upon them. This is something that must be earned, not merely purchased.  Shameless promotion in the form of the DCR URL is tastefully stitched in back. Oh, and one hat per person, don’t be greedy.

Good luck!

The Driven Car Reviews Team


Look below and you’ll see the heading “LEAVE A COMMENT”.  Below it, click on “You must be logged in to post a comment”. Up will come the WordPress login box.  Click just below it on the “register” link.  You’ll be asked a math problem your cat can do.  Good luck with that.

Why do we ask you to register? In a word, spam.  It’s to protector site from the evils of the internet spambots.  It’s a long story and you want to watch car videos so we won’t bore you with the details.  It is, and always has been, our promise not to spam you.


  1. redmori says:

    Excellent reviews and by far my favorite channel in youtube. Also nice hats, lol.

  2. TheCarFan says:

    Since the Free Driven Car Reviews hat contest, I saw that comments got much better!

  3. spartan says:

    Love the show, have watched dozens of episodes via Apple TV.
    My favorite is the one about the Ferrari California. Hope you had a chance to drive it ..unless it has rained every day since.
    Keep up the good work.
    Have you done a review on the Kia Forte Koup? What about the BMW Z4?

    • TV says:

      Those are two that I haven’t driven. Good ideas. Yes, I did drive the California even though it doesn’t look like it. Almost felt guilty getting paid that day… almost. Glad to have you hear, make yourself heard spartan! TV

  4. revilo1 says:

    Am I the first to loose my driven Hat??

    Suggestion: “Lost and Found section”

    Driven hat left on Sea Wall at Lincoln city Oregon Aug 3rd.
    Address: 7250 Northeast Logan Road, Lincoln City, OR.
    Please post if found.. Maybe Tom will get you a brand new one for the good deed!!!

  5. dash says:

    It seems like a nice hat… but how much toilet paper will the hat hold?

  6. royce7 says:

    Big fan of the hats. Even bigger fan of the videos, please keep em coming Tom!

  7. Zac4084 says:

    Great idea! Can’t wait to find out I might win. :)

    • TV says:

      If I haven’t made it clear, the more active people are on the site , the better chance they have of getting a hot. Just trying to help!

    • TV says:

      If I haven’t made it clear, the more active people are on the site , the better chance they have of getting a hot. Just trying to help!

  8. YourCarPal says:

    I am registered and I LOVE your marketing idea. Can’t wait to win my hat!

  9. adamdv5 says:

    You should give out tshirts or something, too. But I’ll take a hat for now.

    • TV says:

      I’ll eventually move onto other things. Maybe placemats or lanyards!

      • FinalBlue says:

        I suppose that means it only a matter of time until the Tom Voelk bobble-heads start showing up, then? Hahaha

  10. crash says:

    No fair…been away for a bit! Am I too late :)?

    • TV says:

      Still have a bunch left crash. There’s one a week until they’re gone so you have an excellent chance. Good to have you back, TV

      • crash says:

        It will be worn with pride Tom!

        Also – have refered you to a few folks who are looking for a new car – they all like the website :)

  11. Toaster says:

    Nothing like putting the word “Free” in a heading to get people’s attention Tom! Cool hats, cool cars, cool people. This site’s got it all now!

  12. jlkdmd298d says:

    I love this website and I want a hat! How’s that for being direct.

    • TV says:

      Request noted. We like directness. We also like participation and dialog. There’s an awful lot of you registered that don’t share your feelings and opinions the way the viewers on YouTube do. We want to hear what you guys think of the cars, good or bad.

      Also, if your having problems with the site or want to see something added, let us know.

  13. FinalBlue says:

    Also, do you want us to include our email address in the post ?

    • TV says:

      Nope, the email address is something we can access. All passwords remain confidential, no one here can access those. However if you want to hand over your Visa card number…

      Again, we monitor all comments so it can be in any of the reviews, not just this one. FinalBlue starts off with a pun. Looks like there will competition.

  14. FinalBlue says:

    Hat’s off to you, sir, for giving away these wonderful hats.