The 3rd Driven Member to Win a Hat Is…


Tailfin61. Congratulations! We promise it will be sent in a plain package to spare you any embarrassment.

Once again it means the week starts fresh again. Another high quality embroidered limited edition Driven hat is ready to be mailed off. Just post and you could win.

This website is better when everyone participates. We like questions. We like when you share your experiences. We like humor. Hey, we like it when you disagree with us. Even if it’s just a few words, be heard.

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  1. roy says:

    Hay….what happened to the Q that my cat could do? She is looking forward to wearing it. Do I still get the hat? How do you know were to send?

  2. roy says:

    Like the show a lot and download all the podcasts. I find your reviews to be really helpful since i am in the car biz.

    I noticed that you like touch operation navi screens. Here in Canada we don’t find them that great. They are hard to operate with gloves on, especially over speed bumps, The finger prints always need to cleaned off and at minus 20 C. it”s a “push” not a “touch”. Give me an Acura/Honda Navi system operated by Jog Dial any day.

    I look forward to the free hat,. I plan to wear it on hockey night.

  3. tailfin61 says:


  4. crash says: