The Free Driven Hat Is Going Out To…



Elliot.  You are the big winner.  Frankly, you get the hat because you went against the grain on the Mazda5 review.  Good to see someone with a contrasting point of view.

Remember, simply registering isn’t enough.  You have to go the extra mile and actually post something. It’s all about sharing opinions!

Once again it means the week starts fresh again. Another high quality embroidered limited edition Driven hat is ready to be mailed off. Just post and you could win.

This website is better when everyone participates. We like questions. We like when you share your experiences. We like humor. Hey, we like it when you disagree with us. Even if it’s just a few words, be heard.

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Why do we ask you to register? In a word, spam.  It’s to protector site from the evils of the internet spambots.  It’s a long story and you want to watch car videos so we won’t bore you with the details.  It is, and always has been, our promise not to spam you.


  1. FinalBlue says:

    Congratulations, Elliot!

    I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but: Remember, everyone, the radically awesome and awesomely radical Driven Forums are also a great place to comment (just like the reviews and miscellaneous main articles, forum posts count towards the hat contest).

    • TV says:

      Thanks FB,
      I like your posts. Keep up the enthusiasm!

    • FinalBlue says:

      Thanks Tom, posting on this site is a lot of fun! And unlike some OTHER car sites (I won’t name names, but one rhymes with MottoBlog), the constructive and legitimate comments here don’t get buried under piles of fanboy rantings and poor grammar.

      Also, could you take a look at the functionality of the reply system in some of the comments sections? I tried several times to leave a reply to someone in the Honda CR-V concept article, but it just wouldn’t take. Doubly also, I was trying to leave a comment on one of your earlier videos (2010 VW GTI), but the comments section was locked to me for whatever reason.