There are two new Driven hats going out this week…



Why two? Because I was swamped last week and dropped the ball. Hiptech has been a regular contributor and has brought some great nuggets to a number of segments. CalgaryGuy had some, uh, smart things to say about the Scion iQ and so even though shipping is extra to (preumably) Canada, we’ve shaken the Driven CFO down for extra funds to get it to him.

That’s everyone else’s clue to how we pick hat winners.  Get involved!  Agree, disagree, whatever you want.  Just get your opinions out there.  In case you’re new here, here’s how to register-


Look below and you’ll see the heading “LEAVE A COMMENT”.  Below it, click on “You must be logged in to post a comment”. Up will come the WordPress login box.  Click just below it on the “register” link.  You’ll be asked a math problem a hamster can do in its sleep.  Despite the decay in America’s education system we have full faith that you can do it too.

Why do we ask you to register? In a word, spam.  Even loosening up the process, our filter has been hammered by hucksters determined to sell you herbal Viagra.  So it’s to protect this site from the evils of the internet spambots.  It’s a long story and you want to watch car videos so we won’t bore you with the details.  It is, and always has been, our promise not to spam you.


  1. luvincarsindaburgh says:

    Wow, what a great site! Tom does a great job of showing us these great cars. I really enjoyed the segments on the week in a life with the Volt. Also, the VW Jetta, Kia Optima Hybrid and the (kicked-out) Kia Rio. I especially love the TP test during each one. I’d be curious to see a review on the Fiat 500, Chrysler 200, and Acura TL. Keep up the good work Tom. Hope this good enough to win a hat! lol.

    • TV says:

      Welcome to the site, please make yourself at home! 500 is on the site, so is TL. 200, probably not going to happen.

  2. rahuly2k7 says:

    I saw one of reviews of Kia Optima on youtube today, and I am a fan now. I almost saw all of them. I like the way you are reviewing cars. Keep up the great work!

  3. TheCarFan says:

    Hey! I’ve been a very big fan of Driven because of the style of presenting the cars. Tom Voelk is a very good car reviewer, Driven Car Reviews is the best car reviewing team in the Internet because of it’s simplicity and the information that is given to the watcher. We are always provided with the information that we need about the cars that are presented. And I love the jokes that Tom Voelk give when reviewing. As Tom said, I liked the video and I support your very good work. By the way, I have a Facebook Page that is named The Car Show, and we feature some of your videos. They are always liked by our users. As always, keep the amazing work.