2012 Range Rover Evoque Coupe HD Video Review

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Brand recognition is a black art.  Companies spend years and millions of dollars cultivating an image and still fail to connect with consumers.  Coke, Nike, and Target have nailed it.  What does Yahoo stand for?  I’m not sure, let’s Google it.


Land Rover has effortlessly melded luxury and extreme off-road prowess into a perfectly polished brand. When they aren’t crawling over boulders and traversing rivers, they can be seen depositing well-dressed patrons off at the opera house. Consider them Gore-Tex tuxedos.

Which brings me to the Range Rover Evoque Coupe.  It’s like nothing before it.  It polarizes people.  It takes a chance.  There’s an uncompromised concept car attitude in the bold sheetmetal.  Indeed, back in 2008, Land Rover showed off the LRX concept and Evoque stays remarkably true to the original.  Maybe rational minds forgot to tone it down on its way to the showroom.  Thank goodness for that.

Evoque is the smallest, lightest and most efficient model they’ve ever created. Based on the Range Rover LR2 architecture, it’s also available in a more practical 5-door model (shown in white below) that goes up against Audi Q5, BMW X3 and Mercedes GLK.  The 3-door’s competition?  There really isn’t any.  Who makes sport utes without back doors these days?

Land Rover announced fuel economy and pricing for its all-new 2012 Range Rover Evoque, the lightest, most fuel efficient Range Rover ever, on Thursday, June 30, 2011.  The first new Range Rover since 2005 achieves 28 MPG EPA highway and 19 MPG EPA city through new efficiency technologies, lightweight materials, and environmentally conscious design and will be available in Fall 2011, with a starting price of $43,995 for the five-door and $44,995 for the coupe.

The New Language

Evoque frames the brand in a whole new way with an edgy silhouette that features a gun-slit greenhouse.  It’s far more urban than past Range Rovers.  The headlamps sport complex glowing LED sculptures.  Dipped in Fuji White paint, it has the sinister appearance of a Star Wars storm trooper.

For the record, my neighbor hates the shape and he’s not alone.  So be it.  Like all design, some people get it, others don’t.  Personally it makes me happy.  The way I see it, Land Rover has unleashed such a striking design, it will be nearly impossible for them to do dull in the future.

Different Under The Skin Too

Evoque is motivated by a direct-injected, turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder that pumps out 240 horsepower @ 5,500 RPM and 251 lb-ft of torque @ 1,700 RPM.  Like family member Jaguar XF, the cylindrical transmission knob dramatically rises up for duty.  Six gears are on tap, quick and crisp manual shifts are done with steering wheel paddles.


Evoque is some 350 pounds lighter than the six-cylinder LR2 so 0-60 rushes up in about 7 seconds.  This may be an all-wheel drive performance rig but EPA rated fuel economy is good at 18 city, 28 highway.

Equipped with MagneRide magnetic suspension that instantly softens or firms up, body roll is practically non-existent.  Cornering is very engaging for a sport ute, ride quality is on the stiff side but remains comfortable.

The cabin is quiet, making it easy to drift up over legal speeds.  How quiet?  The writer before me set the speed warning chime at 75 mph and it was constantly going off.  Plant your foot to the carpet and the engine lets itself be known in a good way, though there’s nothing harmonious about the exhaust note.

<<attends>> on October 25, 2011 in New York City.

In stop-and-go urban driving there’s a bit of turbo lag off the line.  Also, the Range Rover’s turbo four-cylinder is more coarse than the competition’s six-cylinders.  This type of powerplant is the future though folks, it should be popular with many manufacturers as strict CAFE standards begin to kick in.

Front-Wheel Drive?

Yes.  Evoque is available that way and don’t be too surprised, a dirt parking lot may be the roughest terrain most of them will ever see.  But before you think Evoque is all stiletto heel and no hiking boot, remember it’s a Range Rover and they have a reputation to uphold.  With a full-time intelligent Haldex AWD system, just match the icon of the Terrain Response system to the surface you want to cross and you’re good to go.  I did some light off-roading (more than most owners will ever do) and Evoque didn’t blink an eye.  It can also tow up to 3,500 pounds. There’s hill decent control too.

Evoking Design

Evoque’s interior impresses everyone that sits down in the supportive sculpted leather seats.  Materials, from aluminum trim to the soft neoprene-like instrument panel look great.  It can be ordered up a number of different ways, your local Land Rover center will be happy to assist you.


The dramatic sweep of the center console is impressive and a Volvo-esque storage space behind the center stack gets keen red LED lighting.  When Dynamic mode is selected on the transmission knob, sporty red lighting accents the interior.

A crisp eight-inch LCD touch-screen display looks great though I find the main page and it’s interface busy and hard to read at a glance.  Move into specific menus and it’s cleaner.  There’s a self-parking option plus a system of five exterior cameras that offer up a 360-degree view around the car.  Helpful when hitching trailers too.  For city slickers it will keep wheels and bumpers free of scrapes.  Off-roaders can spot damaging rocks and such.  All these views make Evoque more interesting than most cable networks.

Audiophiles will love the optional 825-watt (that’s not a typo) Meridian sound system.  The entire roof is made of glass, providing a surprisingly open and airy feeling to the cabin.  A nice luxury, the steering wheel gets heat.  At night, bright exterior puddle lamps light your path complete with a stylized Evoque logo within the beam.


For those who don’t find enough style here Victoria Beckham (AKA Posh Spice) was named Creative Design Executive to the Evoque program.  She’s working with Land Rover on a special edition of the Evoque.  Get in line, I’m sure it will be brilliant.

There’s Room In The Back.  Really.

If you often put people in the back seat, you might want to go with the 5-door version.  Moving the electric powered seat out of the way is slow going.  Once in back there’s a decent amount of room.  Seriously.  It may look as if the sloped roof eliminates all headroom but it’s perfectly fine.  My test vehicle has the option of a two-position rear seat.  There’s storage galore in this space but no cupholders or power port for friends to charge phones.

Time for gripes.  The huge side mirrors block forward site lines, and with narrow windows all around, visibility is something not found in abundance.  Land Rover has put many thoughtful details into Evoque which makes the absence of grab handles, bottle holders in the doors, ventilated seats, power tilt/telescope steering wheel, or much adjustment in the sun visors a bit curious.

The cargo hold gets easy-to-adjust tie downs.  It’s hard to call AAA for flat repair out in the wilderness so a real spare tire under the load floor is appreciated.  The pinched design of the back end keeps usable space down. For example, Audi Q5 and Mercedes GLK hold eight bundles of Costco bath tissue in the trunk, so in the infamous TP Trunk Test, five packs of the two-ply is on the low side.


Check Please

So, what will this collection of brains, brawn and beauty set you back?  Well, Evoque starts at around 44 grand.  The one I’m driving retails for $58,400 which will also buy a well-equipped Mercedes M-Class or Audi Q7.  Only you can decide if these larger vehicles are better for your lifestyle.  And if all these are too rich for your blood, you can always just spring for a Land Rover bicycle.

Perhaps you’ve heard Motor Trend recently named Evoque SUV of the year.  It’s also been anointed Scottish Car of The Year, and really, what have the Scotts done for us to question their judgment?

rr_evoque_coupe_prestige_liv_09_hr_2383  So summing up, Evoque is a fascinating piece of machinery that advances Land Rover’s design language by 20 years and keeps the brand’s heritage within low beam range.  That’s quite a balancing act.  While I have my quibbles with this vehicle, it’s a compelling and emotional choice for those of means, especially in coupe form.  Looking to add a piece of modern art to your driveway?  Range Rover Evoque delivers.



  1. augaug says:

    Hi Tom,

    I didn’t get the sense that you were all that impressed with this car. I can tell that you like it, but it didn’t seem like you loved it. Were you surprised that it was named Motor Trend SUV of the year? Also, in light of the car testing that you recently did with the other journalists in your area. I was wondering if, off the top of your head, you could name your favourite test car, and SUV of the past year? You wouldn’t have to name the best, just a car and SUV that you liked, or that stood out to you. Thanks for your work, it’s great!

  2. kenwenzel says:

    Tom, I wonder what your response would have been if 10 years ago somebody had told you that you would be testing a 4 cylinder SUV that would do 0-60 in 7 seconds and cost over $58k?

  3. JF says:

    I don’t know, this car screams “look at me!” and I can’t imagine it being purchased (probably cash) by anyone else than superficial flashy Californians. Hats off to Land Rover though, they know what sells: good design that rich folks drooling after the latest toy are craving for. In my opinion this is right up there with the Fiat 500 as a lifestyle accessory. Can you imagine if they would make a Hybrid version and slap a Hybrid badge on every body panel? They would sell like hotcakes. I’m sure LR are working on one, the potential is too huge. The latest poseur accessory AND status branding that pretends I care about the environment!? Get me one of these; I’ve got to look good and save the planet!

    Anyway, I personally prefer more traditional, honest and PRACTICAL vehicles and this thing isn’t one of them. It’s over the top, extravagant, lacks restraint and makes a Hummer look civilized and moderated.

    And that’s my opinion :)

  4. Ted says:

    Glad that you tested this pocket jewel, Thomas! It is one on my immediate shopping list, just waiting for my dealer to get the punchy 190hp diesel with manual tranny for a test drive. To me, the ultimate combo would be Dynamic finish in champagne gray metallic with black top, black side mirrors and chrome black multi-spoke rims along with black fine leather.

  5. Ken says:

    I like the new design very much, very very forward thinking, but really worry about the back seat leg room and lack of the space, still I will check it out in person to make my final opinion.

  6. FinalBlue says:

    Absolutely stunning…that is all.

    Haha, I know that’s not conducive to proper discussion about the car, but seriously…wowza. I honestly think the Evoque’s design outweighs most of its faults, or at least its tiny cargo area (the crazy price, on the other hand…).

    Darn, I just noticed one sole blemish in the design…ANOTHER SET OF FAKE HOOD VENTS. Oh well, at least the ones on top of the hood look cool.

    There’s something I don’t understand though; The Range Rover branding. I’m pretty sure the correct name for this vehicle is the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Coupe, which is quite a mouthful. While I don’t know much about Land Rover or it’s…Range tackling splinter group, I think it’s safe to say only 1 Rover is necessary. But that’s just nit-picking.

    Another thing is that while I applaud automakers for starting to add some flavor to their paint color options (this, Veloster, and Juke, come to mind), I don’t think the lime green (sorry, I mean Colima Lime) really works with the Evoque, or at least not in pictures. I thought your Storm-trooper reference was pretty funny, Tom (nerd alert, though? I’d honestly be more weirded out by someone who DIDN’T know what a Storm-trooper was). Was this a press event? Were you able to see how the other colors looked? From the photos I’ve seen, I think Evoque looks best in Sumatra Black and Firenze Red.

    Also Tom, is there a reason why you don’t take real world fuel economy numbers during these reviews? Of course, maybe I missed it during the video; it’s very likely I was just distracted by seeing this thing in motion.

    Before the Evoque, I thought most Land/Range/Terrain/Earth/whatever Rovers had really boring, forgettable, overly boxy designs. I truly hope that “X”-Rover lets the Evoque’s phenomenal design spread to the rest of its lineup in the future.

    This was a nice review, Tom. Happy Halloween!

    • TV says:

      You know, I forgot to check if the vents were functional… / ; ^ )

      The full name? That’s not a name, it’s a paragraph.

      Not a press event, I always get interviews when I’m at one (and point out that I was there). I was invited to the event which was just up the road in Vancouver BC but life got in the way. REALLY wanted to go. Could have shot better off-road footage I’m sure.

      Personally I think it looks best in white. Very elegant. And come on, anytime Star Wars comes up it’s a bit nerdy don’t you think? Best film is still Empire Strikes Back though.

      I occasionally do real world fuel economy tests but I’d have to relay on the trip computer (probably very close but, hey…). There’s too much slop trying to figure with milage and actual fuel in one tank since I don’t know how much it’s been filled before me or if someone cut corners and filled it with regular (Evoque drinks premium).

      You threatened but never weighed in on the Rio. I’m waiting. I’m off to carve my pumpkin.