New Automotive News Section!

If you look in the center column you’ll see there’s a new section here at Driven Car Reviews.  I’ve created a “paper” that has a lot of the most recent car news of the day.  For now I’m calling it Driven Car Reviews News Center.  Cumbersome name, I’ll try to think up something catchier.  Updated twice a day, it should keep you informed with what’s happening in the automotive world.

These are sources I trust and like to read, ones that are a little out of the mega-media mainstream.  I’ll assume you already hit the major players already, but not as many people know The Detroit Bureau or DetNews.  Or maybe you do.  Regardless, they’re now in one convenient spot.   To make it easier you can subscribe directly.  Hope this makes your life a little easier.  I’ll add more sources in the future.

Let me know what you think…