So… We Bought A Car

It’s been a long endeavor but Mariko finally chose a car a week or so ago.  Turns out she had liked this car for a long time and didn’t fess up.  Knowing her and what she likes, this vehicle is going to work out great for her.  One of the things she likes best is the driving position and visibility, something she has problems with given her very petite size.  I’ll elaborate later in the week but for now, watch the video and check out her choice.  FYI, the car she bought is in the shown color but has a number of extra options.  I will be be blogging for the first year about this vehicle to share our long term experience.

Special thanks to Rainn Wilson.  Please check out this link to The Mona Foundation.  It’s a terrific educational organization that Rainn supports and I’d love to see you all pledge just a small amount of money.  Every little bit helps.

I’ll be contacting the few people who guessed Soul to recieve their hats.  The custodian promised to get the cabinet where they’re held hostage unlocked.  Someone (not me) lost the key.


  1. juanba_racing says:

    personaly I would have goen for the jetta, I like VW’s… But I get ya, the woman always have the last word for family decision making….. eerm generaly, they ALWAYS have the last word haha!

    Congrats for your new Kia!! Enjoy it!!

  2. kenwenzel says:

    I haven’t received my hat yet!!!!

    • TV says:

      We’ve only had it for a month but it’s been great. Seems like my wife likes it more the more she drives it. Her biggest gripe is the small gas tank. I will be posting more about it next week. The Moss color gets a lot of compliments. It sort of changes the personality of the car, makes it more mature and gives it more of a sport ute look than Alien or Molten.

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  6. apollo says:

    do not let your hamster drive it. we are very bad drivers but we are very good dancers

  7. Ken says:

    Love the Soul!!! Very very cool looking and practical car!!! Great choice!

  8. simply aaron says:

    Ah the Soul! Great choice!! I still love the Soul even though I’m going with the Sportage for cabin space reasons…I guess I will just have to listen to the Queen of Soul in the Sportage and not the Soul next year when I get it mine…..I can’t wait to hear all the reviews on the Soul!!

    • TV says:

      Sportage was originally her first choice but the A pillar blocked her left side visibility. She’s very small. It was there she saw the Soul.

  9. kenwenzel says:

    Looks like playing the numbers worked. Look forward to getting my hat. My wife had a Soul for a rental a few months back & was impressed with the little car. It did everything she needed on a short trip from an airport, to hotel, to work etc. and the only drawback she saw was the lack of luggage room. She often travels with other people from work so 4 passengers does not equal four passengers and their weeks worth of luggage. Overall she like the car. She did mention I would have desired more power [as I most always do (SRTs and Corvettes excepted)]. I hope she ENJOYS the car. Sometimes great things come in small packages (as I can tell you already know).

  10. fatbaldandhappy says:

    Interesting choice indeed. Frequently cars with polarizing style don’t age well and it sounds like Mariko keeps her cars for quite awhile. Hopefully she likes it as much in 5 years as she does today. It wouldn’t have been my choice, but then again my wife still can’t believe I voluntarily paid money for my 2007 VW GTI. A car which according to her is one of the “fat bottom” cars she can’t stand.

    Of all the hamsters I know- they’re hands down the coolest! Of course once you and the family have the head nodding to the rhythm of the music down- I’m sure you’ll give the hamsters a good run for the money! :)

    • TV says:

      Funny you should say that about polarizing style and the passing of time, it’s the one thing that Mariko was concerned about with the Soul.

      Didn’t think we’d ever own one but I have to say it made me smile when it first came out and it’s a good sign that it makes me smile now. Certainly it’s not beautiful in an Audi A7 sort of way but I respect the boldness of it (whereas the xB is really kind of plain and a “blank canvas”. I’ve always been a fan of the Red Dot Awards and Soul won back a few years ago.

      It’s funny, I was thinking the other day that Soul has a strong “late 60s” kind of attitude about it. Tonight I read this article about the guy who designed it- It all makes more sense after reading about him.

      • augaug says:

        So… if Peter Shreyer (and his team) is now completely in charge of Kia design, does that mean that he’ll have a say in how the next Soul is designed, or is this potentially the last Soul we’ll see? Can you answer this Tom? Will we lose our Souls? :)

        • TV says:

          Soul was the first Kia model under Shreyer’s tenure but he had little do do with it other than the front end from what I understand. Like any high concept design, it will be interesting to see how they’ll pull off the next gen. Considering the rest of the lineup (and what he did with Audi TT) I have faith that his team can pull off a new generation. Not that it matters to me, Mariko keeps her cars for a loooooonnnnngggg time. If she wants another, it will be gen three before she buys again.

          They’re selling an awful lot of these (100K + a year) so I can’t see them walking away from Soul. According to Kia, the vast majority are sold in the US. Surprising for a polarizing design, it has become more popular each year. Can’t tell you how hard it was to find the car we have reserved. Kind of surprised me.

  11. DCR says:

    Hi Tom, one of the hat winners checking in here … referring to my Nov 1st post ; – ) Great choice, btw! Here is how I would have scored the finalists: 1) Kia Soul, 2) Subaru, 3) VDub. You have one car to deal with … I have to begin replacing the entire family fleet! Luckily lots of great cars in the pipeline for MY ’12-’13 timeframe. Looking forward to ‘Driven’ reviews of the CX-5, hybrid Venza whenever that puppy shows up, Lexus CX, etc.

    As one of many who would love to pull the trigger on their very first Hyundai/Kia we are highly interested in the long-term ownership experience of this new batch of cars and their GDi power trains. Fully-loaded GDi@$20K? What a sweet deal! Counting on utilizing your experiences as a running benchmark for Kia’s latest tech and how it wears. Keenly interested in how easy it is to maintain the Soul even such routine items as oil type, fluid change intervals, and any hiccups along the way. More details the better. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • TV says:

      Yeah, have to admit I’m curious about the owner’s experience as well. I have friends and family that own these brands (even forgot my sister has a Soul) and they seem quite happy with them. We’ll see…

      BTW the MSRP is $22,800 and the 2.0-liter is NOT direct injected. Mariko is much more interested in the price than the engine though. She did notice during the test drive of a 1.8 that the engine made a “tapping” noise. She doesn’t think she’s a car person yet she does notice these things.

      • DCR says:

        Tom, I must have crisscrossed the Rio info and the heavily refreshed Kia Soul mentioned at the end of that review. Rio is GDi and Kia Soul is NOT. Got it! BTW, I love version 2.0 cars. I generally do not like version 1.0 cars for their lack of refinement. They forget something or leave something(s) out … Looking forward to the promised heavily refreshed Kia Soul review as well as your long-term updates.

  12. motorstreet says:

    I didn’t expect that, but it’s a great car. I didn’t know you could get so many features on the Soul or so many features for just $22000. I am a huge fan of the Soul and Kia has fixed its only major problems for 2012 with the new 164hp 2.0GDI engine and the 6 speed transmissions. Now all it needs is optional AWD and a diesel option. Good choice

  13. augaug says:

    I think a lot of the commenters on your site underestimate the Kia brand. Nice choice! Kia and Hyundai have done well in Canada, and recently cleaned up at our Automobile Journalist awards. (Probably the most prestigious Canadian car awards)

  14. faceless_el says:

    ah I guessed wrong. I was really thinking that she would get the Subaru. :)

  15. ssc308 says:

    Hi Tom,
    great final choice…I had been following the story all along and had quietly predicted that Mariko would go for the Soul..if only I could make my wife feel the same about the Soul my next car buying experience would be a lot simpler…I think it would be a fun car with reasonable space & price to upgrade from an used bmw 318ti (which is a blast to drive as well)…I wish there were a few choices like the previous Elantra GT or the Skoda Octavia here in the USA, which do not completely give up the sedan like look and retain hatch like practicality.