Contest Closed! Happy Holidays Driven Hat Winners!

You folks had some great comments and it’s now time to choose, meaning some of you will be happy and others will sulk.  I’m a parent.  I deal with that all the time.  Here are the hat winners for this week-

fairdrivenreview This post completely embodies the Christmas spirit. If you didn’t get everything you wanted for Christmas, you’re at least getting a Driven hat. I hope your dad knows how you feel, he’d be proud.

kay3460 Even though I hate sending hats to Canadians (really, it’s the postage, not your nationality) you win because in the event of war, famine, and any other acts of God in which you speak of, I will be in your good graces.  In case of armageddon, I now will know your address.  You can be sure I’ll show up on your doorstep with my family. Please feed us.

Capsule23 I’m a GTI fan.  Good on you for being an enthusiast and staying practical at the same time. Just don’t speed with the kids in the car.  Sets a poor example.

And finally an extra chapeau goes out to Runs_And_Drives. A Caterham 7? It’s doubtful you’ll ever own one.  Let me lessen the sting of that with a free hat.

As for guessing my Christmas present, well, again I’m giving out an extra hat since spidey1968 (XC60) and langleyhs2013 (XC90) guessed on either side of my new (pre owned) car.  It’s a 2005 Volvo XC70.  Bought from a friend who has taken terrific care of it, it has a spotless maintenance record and looks practically new.  This will be a great ski car and roomy enough to use as a production vehicle for my video equipment.  When I sell this website for $10,000,000 (yeah, right) I’ll get a less practical car like a Cayman S.

BTW, my wife wants you to know it really isn’t a Christmas present.  It was an opportune purchase on my part.  Sort of like the puppy that follows you home.  Let’s just say I’ll be unloading the dishwasher for the next year…

I’ll get in touch with the winners soon.  In the meantime, stop back next week for another try at a hat. I still have a bunch left.


Sorry, no review this week. I’m spending time with my family, digging out, and getting the hats that I owe people to them. And since I’m sending them out, I figure why not send a few more?

So here’s the deal- I’m going to guess that Santa didn’t bring you your dream ride (and I know he didn’t bring you a Driven hat since they were locked in a cabinet for the last 3 months). BUT, if he did bring you a car, what would it be? Post it below and I’ll pick three of them. If you’re especially entertaining, you might have a better chance. Just saying. If you’ve won a hat feel free to chime in but remember, only one hat per person. There aren’t very many of them and I know of one person who’s had theirs stolen.

Oh, and my wife got me a car for Christmas. A “pre-owned” model (details coming). The first person to guess correctly automatically gets a hat.

Look for my Top 11 List piece at the end of the week. Hope your holidays are going as well as mine! TV


  1. quartzav says:

    Santa did bring me a Volt ;) My guess is that you got a S60.

  2. intotheoh says:

    I’d have Santa bring me a Camaro SS Convertible. With two kids, a mini van, and a Cruze, my inner 30 year old is crying for some selfish muscle and a burly exhaust note.

    As for you….TDI Jetta Sportwagon??

  3. spidey1968 says:

    I would ask Santa to bring me the ne Range Rover Evoque. Not because of its practicality or it’s off road capabilities (Chicago resident), just because its so darn cool looking. By the way, it would have to be the five door since it would take forever to get any passengers into the three door.

    As for you Christmas gift, I think your wife gave you the Volvo XC60.

    • TV says:

      Yes, that’s a great looking car (style wise I prefer the coupe but I know what you mean).

      XC60? Unfortunately I married for love, not money. I’ll suggest it to her though and see if we can raid the kid’s college fund.

  4. Capsule23 says:

    Boy howdy, if Santa could bring me a dream ride…

    Regrettably, it’d have to fill two roles and be both practical and engaging, but I can think of at least one car that fits that bill pretty darn well – VW Golf GTI 4dr.

    I’d take mine in Tornado Red please (something Santa himself would likely appreciate) and keep it fairly simple from there. Stock wheels, manual transmission and mud flaps. I don’t need a sunroof (it’s not really much of one in the first place) and I can bring my own navigation doohickey to the party so we don’t need that.

    I would never presume to tell Santa how to do his job, but I would suggest he use the 2011 VW configurator when ordering it up, this 2012 version seems to have something against choice. I know, the 2011 configurator is long gone, but he’s Santa, right?

    Picking my own gears, carving through the less engaged sheep in traffic, all while hauling groceries, occasional Ikea flotsam, or nothing at all…

    Come on, Santa, turn my daily grind into a daily grin!

  5. langleyhs2013 says:

    did you wife buy you her uncle’s old mercedes-benz, the one on the equinox video

  6. fatbaldandhappy says:

    I’m pretty happy with my current car (a ‘chipped’ 135i), but perhaps this summer when Santa is vacationing in Bermuda he’ll be so kind as to let me go for a spin in his jet powered dolphin- A.K.A. the Seabreacher (as seen here):

    I don’t know for certain whether he has one, but I suspect he does. I mean how else could he get those elves to work so hard if they didn’t have one of these to look forward to in the off season.

  7. augaug says:

    Jeep Wrangler (Unlimited) Hey if Santa is paying for the car, I can afford the gas. Besides, it’s a legend that can go anywhere. Top off, top on, doors off, doors on, its just cool.
    I don’t need a hat, but wouldn’t mind seeing a review of the new Wrangler. :)

  8. DCR says:

    If Santa were to bring me my dream ride … it would be one of the three below in order.

    1) Now that Saab has finally bit the dust or better put put to the dirt bed by GM for competitive reasons, paisan. The sole remaining low volume luxury marque with a similarly dialed front-wheel drive exhilarating turbo-charged ride characteristics is … I could see myself tooling around in a Alfa Romeo 159 SportWagon with the double wishbones upfront if you please! Fiat is here already and the million dollar question is when is Fiat (owner of Ferrari, Maserati) going to bring their everyman’s luxury marque over to the states? Alfa Romeo seats look as though they are hand me downs from Maserati and everyone knows Italians know how to make quality leather furniture. Lastly, the Alfa guys pioneered the angry headlights that almost everyone these days appears to be liberally borrowing/applying including the truly everyman CX-5 mentioned below.

    2) And if Alfa is not to be a hybrid Venza as prognosticated by Toyota watchers for EOCY ’12

    3) If neither make their debut how ’bout a Mazda CX-5 grand touring, Santa.

    I prefer low volume brands as these guys tend to try harder or go out of business trying : ) Venza’s the oddball here a low volume car within a 11Mil units a year automaker.

    • TV says:

      Yeah, I can’t figure out how the Venza didn’t become more popular. I always saw it as the poor man’s RX 350. I don’t see it coming as a hybrid until the next gen but, hey, you never know.

      • DCR says:

        Yeah, It goes back to the large vs. small company thing, I think. The real question is … Why isn’t Toyota regularly updating the Venza a potential blockbuster on its hands? Tom, will you do us a small favor and make sure either Alfa Romeo or Fiat NA sees these two would-very-much-like-to-be-an Alfista (a.k.a. Alfa owner) posts, please? Fiat is talking of possibly performing the final assembly in Detroit of all places, so good news for Chrysler folks.

        Potential NA Alfisti want the power-to-fun-to-economy ratio as described in the post below and Yes! They also want the full-on Italian design experience with the angry headlights rather than some watered down; market-specific model such as the Venza. One can clearly see how well that approach is doing, capiche? I sense there is some conundrum in Italy about what will sell over here in America. Fiat’s CEO is Canadian-Italian so I feel he will have a good head about this.

  9. kenwenzel says:

    If Santa were to bring me a new car for Christmas it would be an Alfa Giulietta with the 1750 cc turbo 235 hp engine. Good horsepower and great fuel economy in a good looking hatchback. I thought the Dodge Dart was going to be its clone, but the Dart appears to be a boring sedan. I really like hatchbacks and find it odd that the Dodge is going the sedan route.

    Did you get a Model T ???

    • TV says:

      From the teaser photos, there’s a good amount of hope for a stylish Dart. We’ll see…

      Model T? Uh… no. Need something a little more practical than that since my own car is a two-seater. Creative guess though!

  10. fairdrivenreview says:

    If Santa were to bring me a car, I would ask for a BMW X5 for my dad, not because I am a little daddy’s boy but rather because I realize that he has spent most of his youth in earning us, his children, a bright present and future. He is been working so vigorously that in midst of struggling for his family, he has lost his own pleasures and desires. So it’d be great to remind him that his hard work is paying off and he needs to just stop and take a break and have fun.

  11. Runs_And_Drives says:


    My dream car, which Santa neglected to bring yet again, is a Caterham 7. It’s the perfect Christmas car, since it comes un-assembled and a part/piece can be wrapped up under the tree (if not the whole thing). Not only that, but in learning to build it myself, I’d finally gain enough mechanical prowess to do things like change brake calipers on my own… provided I retained enough fingers…

    That’s not the point. The point is, when built, I’d have a roadster that’s even more fun than an MX-5 and I’d probably never see another one on rough-and-tumble back-road trips in search of the perfect hole-in-the-wall or auto-cross events. That’s why a Caterham is my dream car. Also they look super-cool!

  12. DCR says:

    Hi Tom,

    From the photo I can tell this revision of the Driven hat is sporting possibly thicker canvas than the ones seen previously in the review videos?? Looks really Nice! There definitely are hat collectors amongst car enthusiasts. Hope this is the one I am getting ; )

    And, my guess for your Christmas present is a Vdub as to which flavor we shall have to wait and see.


  13. kay3460 says:

    If Santa were to bring me my dream ride it would be a Toyota Hilux for eight reasons.
    (1) It possible to drive the car from the North Pole to where I live in Canada, therefore there should be no difficulties delivering it on time.
    (2) It would be of great usage during snow storms.
    (3) It would be of great usage during a zombie apocalypse.
    (4) Its name plate is not available in North America so it is unique.
    (5) A reliable Japanese pick-up provides insurance where my insurance policies fail – i.e. in of case war, famine, and any other acts of god.
    (6) It is practical for helping friends and neighbours move large items.
    (7) Off-road capabilities should allow for quick getaways from Velociraptors, Justin Beavers, and various other scary/deadly things in popular culture.
    (8) I am looking into purchasing a pickup, but wouldn’t mind getting one as a gift.

  14. motorstreet says:

    I would want a Tucker 48 from Santa.

  15. johnmbrophy says:

    If Santa would have brought me a car I would have liked a Ford Edge.