Meet Tom Voelk

Hi folks. I’m taking a little “me” time since I’ve been churning these reviews out for over eight years without much of a break. Yes, it’s loads of fun. Yes, it’s loads of work.

We’re installing a new edit system at KING TV, the Seattle NBC affiliate where I work.  Since there’s going to be some mandatory down time (and a fairly steep learning curve) I figure it’s a good time to get to the five years of chores that have been stacking up around the homestead.

I could have just said “see you in a couple weeks”, but no, I’m trying to keep you mildly entertained (emphasis on mildly this week) so you will continue spread the word about these videos.  My good friend and co-worker Jim Dever did a story about me a few months ago to kind of show how I put these reviews together and to offer up a little insight into who I am and what’s important to me.  I wanted no part of it, my boss kind of insisted.

Jim did not ask me about my love of breakfast cereal, my collection of Chevron toy cars (I own nearly every one made), or that if I ever get the chance, I’m out on a long run.

For me it’s always been about the car and the information, I’m just sort of there to move it all along.  But this story has been laying around and it gives me a week to sort things out.  So I self-consciously post it and head off to work on the sprinkler system in my wife’s garden.

Know that there are plenty of great episodes coming and there will be some changes coming soon. I have a number of commitments coming up and last time I checked there are only 24 hours in a day.  Bear with me.

Thanks again for spreading the word about Driven Car Reviews!  TV


  1. neel says:

    hey tom, I’m deciding to buy an audi q5 but there’s a problem, could you help, me out. The problem is that does the car have memory settings, I live in canada so there is some difference in the options . So are there any memory setting AT ALL in the 2012 audi q5 in canada. Please answer my question, I’ll appericate your help

    • TV says:

      Being an upscale crossover, I would have to believe that it has memory settings in the Great White North (at the very least it should have an option package to do that). In the US it’s standard on the 3.2 engine model, optional on the 2.0T (2-position seat and mirrors drivers seat only) . I would suggest the obvious, talk to an Audi salesman in Canada. Does it not have the info on the Audi Canada website?

  2. FinalBlue says:

    The evil twin…ISN’T REAL?


    And to think it was just around this time last year that I first started frequenting this site because of the free hat contest. My, how time flies.

    I hope you enjoy your much-deserved break, Tom.

  3. Shabanger says:

    What I enjoy most about your reviews, is that the vehicles you are reporting on. Instead of focusing on super cars with their super car price tag, you’re reviewing cars that I could..maybe…might or would purchase. Keep up the excellent work!

  4. juan mazzei says:

    Tom, you make some awesome car reviews!! Keep it up bud, you’re doing great!!!

    BTW, is there any upcoming review of the new 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe?? It has not arrived to my country yet (I’m from Argentina), but it will anytime soon in the near future…. Heard it has some new and more powerfull engines, and it has a better interior, it’s better looking, better everything! from the outgoing model, but keeping the same bargain price!! I’ve been looking for a sports coupe for a while, and don’t want to spend a awful amount of money. And the genesis coupe meets my needs perfectly

    Anyway, let me know if you have it on the list… Thanks Tom!!

    • TV says:

      It’s on my list but my schedule is in flux because of a number of things going on. It’s sounds like a fun car with some serious improvements and that always gets me interested. Thanks for your patience Juan.

  5. BenSG says:

    Love the TP test and evil twin, my kids and I get a kick out of it every time. Enjoying your work from Singapore

  6. bob4116 says:

    +1 on getting some time away from the camera! Excited about what is coming in the future! I always look forward to see what gets posted week to week. You’re an A1 pro! Keep up the excellent work!

  7. Capsule23 says:

    I’ll ditto the rest, Tom. We know you put in a ton of time/effort into the vids and it shows, man.

    Much appreciated and keep up the great stuff!

  8. fatbaldandhappy says:

    That was fun to watch. Really cool you’re both behind and in front of the camera. I do some hobbyist video work myself and appreciate the effort involved in getting it right. Do you still use the same camera shown in this clip? With the advent of really good video capture in prosumer DSLR’s I thought you might be shooting on an MKII, or a new MKIII- or something similar. I don’t know anything about broadcast type equipment, but I’m sure there are many advantages still in the big guns.

    I appreciate the work you do and really enjoy the reviews. Thanks!


    • TV says:

      Yes, that’s the camera I shoot with. DSLRs are too hard to shoot moving cars with. Tried once and it looked awful. It’s all about the way the zoom is operated while the car approaches and drives away. It’s tough to keep the movement smooth on the DSLR because the zoom is manually operated, my camera has a motorized servo zoom that’s very silky. The camera I use is terrific, wish you guys could see how good it looks in the edit room on an HD monitor, it’s like a framed print

      • bob4116 says:

        ” . . . wish you guys could see how good it looks in the edit room on an HD monitor, it’s like a framed print”


  9. GasCap says:

    I <3 Tom!!, keep up the good work!

  10. GusGT says:

    I hope there are sequels to this piece. Your fluid mix of vehicles, stories, and unique journalistic style keeps us coming back for more. I had no idea you were “the one” behind the camera or have an almost complete set of Chevron toy cars. Any time you want to peel back the TV onion I’m interested. Thank you for sharing your love of cars with us!

    • TV says:

      Sorry, no sequels. I’m only running this because it’s easy. Since I got my start in the TV biz as a photographer editor, it’s easiest for me to shoot them myself. That way I can take video notes as I go along. I also know who to blame when I don;t get the shots I need.

      Besides, it’s really not about me, it’s all about the cars. There’s lots I’d like to do, if only there were more time…

  11. says:

    You da man Tom! Keep up the good work…we very much appreciate all that you do here. I always make it a point to check you out every week!

    Good luck!

  12. Smeg says:

    Hey this is cool behind the scenes stuff, Tom. Thanks. I honestly never noticed your hair much, but unlike me …. just be thankful you still have it! hahaha.

    • TV says:

      Yes, I suppose it’s good to have it. You know, I don’t think much about it but for some reason others do. Oh well…

  13. brorowcarwiz says:

    Thanks for all you do. I really enjoy all of these reviews. Your’s are different than the rest; they’re memorable. Most of the other reviewers say the same things about the same cars. Your’s have that special something to keep me coming back. Keep up the fantastic job! :)