I’m Back


Hi folks,
I’ve had my time off (some of which was spent learning a new camera and editing software) and I’m ready to get back to work. Thanks for all the kinds words. While most websites and YouTube channels are filled with comments from vile trolls, you are a civilized and thoughtful bunch. Really, you guys are awesome and probably great at parties.

While the Camaro ZL1 episode may not look much different from past Driven episodes, it is a radical departure for me. The old ones were shot on tape using the Sony HDCam format and edited on an arcane Sony edit platform called Xpri. I think 20 systems exist in the US and our station owns five of them.

The new reviews are shot on a Panasonic P2 solid state memory camera and edited on Apple Final Cut X. Both are quite different from what I knew before and it took me a number of weeks to get up to speed. But now that I am, the episodes should start coming out quicker. It will be a little slow going for a month or so though. I appreciate your patience.

This change over means that literally everything you see on this website -writting, photo editing, video production, web posting and graphics- comes from a single MacBook Pro. I remember the days where an edit system that did basic dissolves ran over $125,000. Now a guy with a $2,400 laptop computer can write and edit a network TV show in his living room. Amazing.

Hope you continue to enjoy the reviews as much as I like making them! TV


  1. Hockey_Mike says:


    Great to hear your back. We were worried you had forgotten to push the parking brake on a Bentley and it flattened you. ;-(

    Keep up the great work, I love watching Driven on my AppleTV (Podcasts).


  2. raschmidt says:

    :D – can’t wait for more reviews!

  3. Goliath says:

    Welcome back Tom. I’ve been checking frequently for a new review. I finally have my fix. :D

  4. augaug says:

    I’m not sure that a car with 323 horsepower could be considered “taking the muscle out” :) But I do hear your point. And that’s probably fair. I haven’t driven the current generation Camaro, but have sat in one, and agree about the sight lines. The Audi Allroad interests me too as it’s another car that I’ll likely never drive!

    I’m sure the pay isn’t great but I agree, you do have a pretty cool job.

    All the best to you!

  5. augaug says:

    This is part of why I love what you do Tom. I can ask this question, and it makes sense. As an everyday car, do you prefer a Miata or this Camaro? Because I think that people fall in love with the numbers and the “potential” performance, but then get it home, and you just can’t use all of that power on the street. Take the muscle out of a muscle car, and you really haven’t got anything special. To me, that’s what makes the Miata great. It’s built to be fun, ON THE ROADS, and that’s a huge selling feature that doesn’t often get credit in the other car reviews where they take cars like this Camaro to the track and advise us all that we should buy it!.

    So I guess my question is this; If you never intend to go to the track, does this car have too much power? Is it really worth springing for over a regular V8 Camaro? Isn’t this too much power for the street to be fun?

    • TV says:

      Me? Personally? I prefer smaller cars with less power and lots of nuance as a general rule. I agree with you with the Miata (or BRZ, FRS, GTI, ect…) in that the car can be used on a daily basis and it’s performance is maximized for the everyday environment of city streets.

      That said, the ZL1 is surprisingly easy to drive on a daily basis. I find it too powerful to be fun in the city (you know the old saying it more fun to drive a slow car hard than a fast car easy). Take the muscle out of it ( AKA the V6 version of Camaro) and it handles very well. Camaro is a fun car, I recommend trying one out. There is the visibility issue though.

      I’m lucky. I get to experience the exhilarating raw power of the ZL1 for a week and then give it back. In my case I swapped it for an Audi allroad.