Watch Driven In HD On Your Xbox

Oh sure it’s fun to watch Driven Car Reviews on your computer or iPod.  But how great would it be to experience these high-def reviews in your man cave on the big screen?

Now you can watch then everywhere on nearly every screen.  My video host now has a new app and it’s good for Apple iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, and Xbox.  The app is free, click on this link to find out how to get it onto your device.  Once it’s installed, search for Driven Car Reviews and subscribe.  It’s just that easy.  You’ll also find Driving Sports TV by Ryan Douthit there, I recommend checking out his automotive videos too.


  1. Facepalm says:

    I’ve actually been using the YouTube app on my Xbox to watch your videos, Tom. When I previously mentioned that I’ve been watching all of your reviews in (somewhat) chronological order in the 2013 Accord post, I meant that I was looking up, finding which videos to watch, and then watching them on my TV with the YT app. The first time I tried it I knew I couldn’t go back to watching on a computer or iPod Touch (although the quality is very good on my iPod, it’s a small screen), save for the newly released videos on blip. Anywho, the quality on the TV is great; as good as (if not better than) any episode of MotorWeek. I might give the blip app a try, though.

    Also, did you get another Volt press car? Or is it a neighbor’s/co-worker’s/friend’s?

    • TV says:

      I had an opportunity to drive the Volt again for a week and had lots of friends interested in it. It was sort of on a “show and tell” tour. Putting it in with the bit about the Top 11 List was a subtle hint that it might be on the list. I’ll do an update but not a full video review.

      Yeah, give the blip tv app a try and let me know how the quality is. I was going to do it on the Xbox today but my weekend filled up before I knew what hit me. Thanks!

      • Facepalm says:

        So I downloaded the blip app a little while ago and found your channel without any trouble. However, what struck me as odd was that it said there were 89 videos but only showed the videos from the Honda Civic Si to the current one (the one about watching on Xbox/blip app). I spent a few minutes searching around and saw somewhere that blip is currently trying to build its Xbox video library so hopefully the other videos will be available down the road.

        The quality is great, as far as I could tell. The audio is good, too. On the YouTube app I have to raise the volume a bit to clearly hear everything said, but on blip I don’t have to do that. Visual quality is around the YT app’s level, if not slightly better.

        • TV says:

          Thanks for the update, I’ve not gotten to it yet. My boy’s been on the Xbox…

          • hiptech says:

            You’re welcome,

            BTW, since we are on the subject of viewing devices… over the last several years you made some change to the podcast that while still compatible with iTunes was not with my old iPod 5G Video. Luckily the older version of iTunes had a provision to convert the podcasts so they worked with the iPod, albeit with some extra effort by way of re-encoding.

            Recently, I upgraded to a new iPod 7G Classic and updated iTunes to the newest version As luck would have it not only are the podcasts still incompatible with both iPods, but there is no provision to easily convert the files so they play on either device.

            Bottom line, the only way to watch the shows (for me) is either on the PC using iTunes or through Roku. Not a complete disaster but still puzzling…

            I’ve had this happen to a number of podcasts over the years but I wasn’t as devoted to them ;)

            Thought you might want to know…

            • hiptech says:

              Just in case anyone else is having this issue…

              Apparently my Driven podcasts folder had become corrupted over the years so I took a risk and deleted it all. After re-subscribing (iTunes) and downloading everything fresh, much has improved.

              New iPod Classic is now displaying all episodes, unfortunately older iPod 5G is still incompatible. Guess you can’t have it everything but I’m grateful for small favors…

              • TV says:

                FYI, there’s really nothing I can do about the iTunes file. It automatically goes to iTunes from Blip and it’s been that way for at least a couple years. Glad the new one is working though.

  2. motorstreet says:

    My family got an Apple TV for Christmas. I’ve started watching your reviews on that, but I’ll have to try it on the Xbox too.

    • TV says:

      I’ve checked them out on my Apple TV but I’m going to load the blip app on the Xbox and see if the quality is better.If you get to it before me, let me know how it looks. Thanks!

      • hiptech says:

        Just a quick update about Blip channel on Roku…

        The resolution is noticeably better, truly HD which is great!

        The downside is there is no way to “bookmark” Driven within the channel. In other words, each time you view it, you must perform another search to locate it.

        Somewhat troublesome but worth it for the higher def…

        • TV says:

          Thanks for the update. So Bilp is on Roku but you really have to search to get to Driven, huh? That’s a drag. Oh well…

          I’d buy a Roku box but I just don’t need another box for my TV. Besides, I’ve run out of HDMI ports.

  3. hiptech says:

    Excellent news and great update Tom!

    BTW, I’ve been watching the Driven Reviews podcasts on our Roku using the iTunes Podcasts channel. I just looked in the Roku Channel Database ( and found the Blip.TV channel so will check that out too.

    Love the reviews and Happy New Year!

    • TV says:

      Ahh, so you’re the one watching on Roku! Seriously though, i’ve seen an uptick in their traffic since they’ve been advertising the box. I don’t have one, didn’t know they could access iTunes podcasts. Let me know if it looks any different on the blip channel. Thanks!