What’s Your Take on the 2014 Lexus IS350 F-Sport Design?



The folks at Lexus have dropped pics of the new Lexus IS350 with the the F-Sport package (which will be available on the IS250 as well). We in the US will not get the hybrid version the IS300h.

Because it always seems to be the case with a new model, expect it to be roomier, faster, more fuel efficient and (according to Madison Avenue marketeers) able to attract members of the opposite sex more successfully (but hey, I live in Washington state so that’s a whole different story). But what I want to know is this- Do you like the way it looks?

The sheetmetal is a different from the rest of the Lexus line, save for the spindle grille. Notice that the DRLs are separated from the headlamp housing? How about those tail lights?  Those familiar with the GS will find the interior familiar.  Check out the gallery and leave your comments below.  You all have good taste, I’m curious what you all think.



  1. jp50 says:

    Since one week ago I have in my driveway a 2014 IS 250. In my opinion it is so much better “in flesh” than in pictures. I got mine in a light silver color which I believe looks nicer than black because the lines and volumes of the body are more visible. The standard spindle grill doesn’t look menacing at all and since the mandatory front license plate (I don’t live in the US) cuts the grill in half that is not an issue. With its standard 2.5 engine and RWD it is really fun to drive. Sure with the larger engine it must be much better but as a daily driver it can’t get much better. Go, see it and test drive it. It looks striking and it is a wonderful drive!

  2. Facepalm says:

    MotorTrend posted an article the other day about their secret trip to Japan to see the 3rd generation IS last year, and mentioned how its fun-to-drive factor was much higher than the 2nd gen’s. Also, the model they drove was black, and frankly that color suits the IS’ new look much better than white, red, or any other color we’ve been shown so far.
    In my opinion, black looks exponentially better than white on the IS.

  3. Jack in Jax says:

    I’ve seen a more attractive looking nose on a horse. Yes, the swoopy rocker panels and fancy-dancy rear might appeal to some…tho’ like tomkat I’m sure they will appeal to the Lexus crowd, nor to the Teutonic cross-shoppers. But one of that really matters. If aesthetics matter to a potential 350/250 buyer, how can they possibly get past that Snoz up front?


  4. GusGT says:

    The front end needs a nose job. The ‘look at my grill’ detracts from the overall appearance. Hmmm, the Mazda smile or the Acura beak are some polarizing notables that come to mind.

  5. Facepalm says:

    While I think this car looks alright, I seem to like it less the more I see these images, lol.
    The headlights are starting to seem a little odd to me; personally I like how current-gen Lexus LED lights are integrated into the headlights, but in this case when they’re separated the appearance is… odd.

    The grille just comes across as simply current-gen Lexus to me. Nothing wrong with it if that’s the look they’re trying to establish for the whole lineup. In person they’ve always been eye-catching to me.

    Now about those taillights… They look concept car-like, almost. I’ll have to see one in person for myself. They’re on the verge of being overstyled, in my opinion.

    The interior is nice, as is the case with the new Lexus cars introduced over the past year.

    Honestly I’m hoping the standard IS (i.e. not the F Sport) looks a bit different/toned down. I have a couple of buddies with IS 250s, one of them being a first gen and the other a second gen, and they’re both pretty good looking, especially the second, which is attention-grabbing in white.

    Tom, if you could get your hands on a Lexus IS press car once they’re available down the road, that’d be great.

  6. tomkat says:

    I’m glad I bought the prior model IS 350F in Nov 2011…a wonderful car! I thought about waiting for the new model, but was put off by the upgraded GS F Sport; hated the grill and the substitution of fog lamps for ugly scoops. The new IS is a major marketing blunder. The spindle grill is too dominant and the clumsy separation of the headlights and daytime running lights makes no sense at all, unless Lexus is vying for a role in the next Batman movie.

    Over-the-top styling will not switch BMW, Mercedes or Audi buyers to the Lexus brand. These consumers are very conservative on the outside, but passionate about understated performance vehicles. German prestige cars are evolutionary, not revolutionary, with the emphasis always on improved quality and performance when new models are introduced. Lexus needs to leave radical design to entry level cars like Hyundai, Suzuki, etc., that rely on design to compensate for lack of technological advance. The Lexus challenge is to beat its German competitors at their own game with superior build quality, performance, handling and fuel economy.

    The only commendable features of the new IS are the 8 speed gearbox, which I presume will improve both acceleration and fuel economy. I also like the interior finish which looks to be more than competitive with German rivals and an important and timely step away from Toyota.

    I now look forward to a wake-up call for Lexus and some radical changes to the front end design mid life cycle, before I need a new car.

  7. motorstreet says:

    I love the interior, especially in red. I’m not convinced the LFA gauge cluster will be nearly as functional as it is cool. I’ll reserve my final judgement on the exterior for when I see one in person (probably next week), because I have a tendency to like a car much more in person than I do in pictures. From the pictures I think the exterior looks messy. I think there are superfluous swoops all over the place and the split headlights with the Nike swoosh LED things are awful. I wouldn’t be surprised if I like the toned down regular models more than the F-Sport. The GS has grown on me a lot since it came out and I was hoping the new IS would be similar.

    I’m more disappointed that there isn’t a manual option for the IS. With a manual version of the new IS350 I think Lexus could takedown the more vulnerable than ever 3-Series, but they didn’t make it and the 3-Series will probably remain the best sport sedan for enthusiasts.

  8. BrunoT says:

    “overstyled” comes to mind. The old one looked pretty good.

  9. beb5202 says:

    Yikes! That rear end is terrible. The front end: well it could use some work too. Don’t rear end anybody or you’ll be paying up the nose for it (ok that pun was intended). People kept heckling Toyota for making their Toyota/Lexus line look too similar and it looks like this is the price we pay for that.

    Interior: I wouldn’t change a thing.