I Will Be Returning In August. Details Are Coming Soon.




Driven itunes square White

Sorry to keep you in the dark but good things are happening at Driven.

I’m working on a project that will launch August 25th.

Details are coming very soon.

Stay tuned… TV


  1. joshwill90 says:

    Automobile Magazine? A new series on Velocity?

  2. Smeg says:

    Seriously, I am thinking Tom is partnering with Costco.
    - 1) Costco TP test will continue.
    - 2) Been around since Tom was in high school, and Costco is admirable.
    - 3) Definitely worth partnering with.
    - 4) More prestigious than Pep Boys.
    - 5) Automotive is only part of what they do.
    - 6) Located where Tom lives – west coast too.
    - 7) A lot more exposure (Costco’s site is accessed all the time.

    So that’s my bet. I insist on a hat if I win. Or a pack of TP.

    • TV says:

      Pay up Smeg. The post goes up tonight. BTW, the east coast / west coast thing was intentionally meant to throw everyone off.

      • Smeg says:

        I’m man enough to admit that I was misled and that I’m too manly for Costco TP, so next time you’re in Austin to drive thru Hill Country on a test drive I’ll gladly treat you to some Barbeque. Seriously.

    • Facepalm says:

      I actually jokingly thought it could be Costco Wholesale as well, for the same reasons you listed, as well as the fact that Tom loves getting their affordable hot dog + Coke lunches while there doing the TP Test. Imagine all the free lunches he’d get if he partnered with them! Lol. That could be a deal-maker right there. But alas, it’s not Costco.

  3. mx5er says:

    Hmmm…. I was thinking Motorweek too. But since Tom reminded everyone that they’re located in the east coast, I’m gonna say that he’s staying put in the west coast. Perhaps Motor Trend or Edmunds?

  4. Smeg says:

    I’ve got it.
    Tom’s going to shave that head of hair and star in Fast & Furious 7.

  5. TRoadster says:

    Could it be Consumer Reports ?

  6. Cars123 says:

    Is it MotorTrend?

  7. Toaster says:

    Hmmm … could it be Autoblog? Pep Boys? Car and Driver?

  8. Toaster says:

    Great news Tom. I’ll be counting my sleeps! :)

  9. tenstringer009 says:

    I’m anxiously awaiting the announcement as to who you’ll be partnering with. I was thinking MotorWeek, but I’m not sure if John Davis is ready to step down yet.

    I’m also hoping that a provision was included in this new partnership agreement for your to continue the TP trunk test. It’s the best way I’ve seen of getting standardized storage data across competing vehicles.

    • TV says:

      It’s not MotorWeek. They are on the east coast, I’m on the west coast. Also, I don’t like shirts with logos on them.

      Rest assured the TP Test will continue.

  10. gapandgold says:

    i miss the show..

    • TV says:

      It’s coming, and there will be a steady supply of episodes. The good thing is a lot more people will see it. I’ll need all of you to get the word out.

  11. jlkdmd298d says:

    I am very glad you are returning shortly & can’t wait to see what is in store. I miss my Monday morning fix.

  12. Seminaryhill says:

    This is great news! Looking forward to seeing what is ahead! Really have been missing the updates.

  13. crash says:

    Tom…. Is there an eta when you can give an update? It’s been a loooonnnng time!

  14. Smeg says:

    I think the big thing is just that Costco ran out of TP.

  15. btc909 says:

    Please don’t partner with Yahoo!

    • TV says:

      It’s not Yahoo

      • btc909 says:


      • Facepalm says:

        Like btc909, I’m relieved it’s not a partnership with Yahoo!. The only other organization I’m praying you haven’t partnered with is Autobytel. One of my favorite automotive reviewers, MPGomatic, recently started doing video reviews for them and their fan-base has treated him like trash. Only the fans who’ve watched his stuff from before the partnership appreciate his contributions.
        That, and Autobytel just seems inconsistent with their content and occasionally out-of-touch with the real world.

        • TV says:

          Nope not Autobytel. Really, putting up with trash talkers is just the price we all pay on the internet.

          It’s a done deal that will start in August, I’m working on the release. It’ll just be a day or two. Let’s just say that never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I would be contributing to this outlet. I’ve admired them since I was in high school.

          • Facepalm says:

            That’s a relief.
            Thanks for the information, Tom.

            • TV says:

              Let me just say that I’ve had a number of different offers over the years from known outlets. This one is different and worth partnering with.

            • Smeg says:

              Ok, an outfit Tom has admired since High School.
              That narrows it down to Soul Train, I think. Or maybe Hotdog On A Stick.

              Just kidding, Tom. I couldn’t resist. But you would look cool doing a review in a Hotdog On A Stick uniform.

          • btc909 says:

            Oh I must also agree with Autobytel. Even back in the mid 90′s this was a company you wanted nothing to do with. Employed, a customer, or partnership.

  16. Jack in Jax says:

    1 1/2 months since placing the last review on the website; must be one heck of a ‘something’.

    45 days and counting…

  17. Toaster says:

    Hmmm … can’t wait to see what you’re cooking up. Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait!

  18. kjcoleman says:

    Jonesin for a fix, but glad the sacrifice seems to be worth it !

  19. Facepalm says:

    Thanks for the update, Tom. Really looking forward to what you’re working on.

  20. hiptech says:

    Hey buddy, we’ve been concerned about you glad all is going well…