Sorry to keep you waiting. Here’s a link to what I’ve been working on.

Thanks for your patience folks.  Your support and kind words over the years have made it tough to keep a lid on the exciting project I’ve been working on for the past two months.

Here is the lowdown – starting around August 23 I will begin contributing car review videos to The New York Times. Here’s a link to the first piece- the 2014 Chevy Impala.

Yes, I will keep up  However, my reviews will appear first on The New York Times website.  A few weeks later there will be a “director’s cut” version posted on, my YouTube channel, and Driven iTunes podcast.  I will not appear in the print edition.

I’ve been working with the NYT staff for the past few months and as expected they are the professional’s professionals. I’m honored to be a contributor.

There are a few reviews on the way that are exclusive to and I’ll try to get them up in the next few weeks.  Just know that quality takes time and, as always, I will not take shortcuts.




  1. Smeg says:

    Don’t get me wrong, Tom, but visiting your insightful site is starting to seem a bit fruitless. The only thing automotively new in over 3 months is your NYT link.

    I’m happy for you and the gig at NYT, but if we need to remove Driven Car Reviews from our faves please just let us know.

  2. scarver says:


    Congratulations. I hope the NYT treats you well.

    Will the ‘evil twin’ be making the move, along with the TP test?

    • TV says:

      The NYT loves the TP test. Evil Twin has moved to Tibet for a few months to contemplate his nefarious life. We’ll see what happens….

  3. rdevillers says:

    Tom –

    I just saw your review of the new Impala on the NY Times iPad edition. Your same great work was apparent – I was glad that there were no changes in the format and style. The TP test even made the transition unscathed!

    Thanks again for the excellent review.

  4. TV says:

    Let me make it easy for you folks. Here’s a link to the 2014 Chevy Impala review at

  5. Facepalm says:

    For those who don’t want to wait until the director’s cut review makes it here, the latest review is up on the NYT website. I had to put Tom’s name into the search box to find it, though.
    I figure I’ll just watch the new reviews on their site, then again once it’s on here.

  6. Seminaryhill says:

    Great news! It is good to see a local guy making it big! Your work has always been top notch, and inventive (evil twin/TP test). Thanks for all you have done, and looking forward for what is to come!

  7. John Scott says:

    Congrats. Definitely going big time!

  8. Toaster says:


  9. raghu4026 says:

    Will you be replacing the guy who did the controversial Tesla Model S review? :)
    Congratulations again.


  10. rdevillers says:

    Congratulations Tom! Being a native Californian I hate to admit that anything in New York is great but the NY Times is definitely the best newspaper in the country. The reporting they do is really national in scope and they produce amazing work. The Stevens Pass avalanche story from last winter was incredible.

    I read the Times almost exclusively on my iPad and iPhone. Will your videos be available there as well?

    Good luck on the new venture and keep up the outstanding work.

    • TV says:

      Yes, they do great work. No doubt about that.

      Not sure about the iPhone but I’m pretty sure iPad will have them. I will only be on the .com and internet products, not the paper itself.

      Thanks for the atta boy! TV

  11. Steve says:

    Congratulations, Tom. Well earned! Welcome to the ranks of the people generally considered to be national treasures. If you ever get to the main office in the Big Apple and happen to walk by the office of Mark Bittman and he’s in, say hi from us up in Minnesota. And while you’re at it, ask him the best place for lunch for whatever sounds good to you that day.

    From what I’ve seen of that bunch at the “Times” you’ll be in very good company, indeed. I think you’ll fit in like you were born to be there. They all seem to have a calm, down-to-earth, no-nonsense approach to their subject matter. Hmmm, sounds familiar, don’t you think?

    Well, best of luck to you. You deserve it. Glad to hear you’ll still be here and on iTunes. Much easier to keep up with you that way. Take care, stay healthy and enjoy the ride. No pun intended.

    • TV says:

      I’ll definitely say hi to him though I don’t think I’ll be out there much. Where in Minnesota? I’m proud to say I was raised in Duluth.

      I visited the NYT offices to meet the folks I’m working with and was truly impressed. I geeked out a bit I’m embarrassed to say. Architecturally, the building is amazing and full of very smart people. It was great fun to see they were editing a piece on Bill Nye. He got his start at KING TV where I work and I considered it a good omen.

      Thanks for your kind words. That goes for everyone. Now it’s back to work! TV

      • Steve says:


        I was born in St. Cloud, to parents from Benson and wound up in the Twin Cities, specifically St. Paul, though I worked in Minneapolis for over 25 years. Now, I spend part of my summers in Alexandria. Go figure. I have been to and through Duluth many times over the last few decades and it’s got a special place in my heart because of that. Duluth is on the way to Grand Marais and is a fav for a visit to the train museum downtown. If you’re into vehicles, (really big ones) checking out the huge steam engines and passenger, dining and sleeper cars is an eye opening and fun day. Really brings back memories for me as I used to take the train from the downtown train station in St. Paul to the station in Benson, where my Grandfather would meet and pick me up. Talk about a different time. Do that with a 10 year old these days and you’d never see them again or get arrested for child neglect. I prefer the old days. At least people treated each other a little better then.

        And if you’re a car guy (or gal) the highway 61 scenic route from the Cities to Duluth is a grand trip once you get near Lake Superior. Especially on a beautiful summer day with the top down or the sunroof open. Highly recommended. Lots of great wayside scenic overlooks and greasy spoon roadside stops where you can refuel the car and your grumbly tummy.

        Have a great time at the “Times.” They’re a great crew. Enjoy!

  12. bob4116 says:

    Tom, this is fantastic news! I am so very happy for you! Your hard work and attention to detail has paid off. Congratulations, and good luck in the endeavor!

  13. Smeg says:

    Now we know why NYT sold the Boston Globe – to pay Tom!

    Congrats, Tom. Good move, and great exposure too. Look forward to seeing this pan out. Your reviews are always great and will mention it around (I work with car people so it may help).

  14. fatbaldandhappy says:

    Outstanding! I can tell all my friends- “I knew Tom when…” :) The balance of justice is just a bit more satisfied when well deserving people are rewarded for doing good work.

    Would you do me a favor and tell Mr. Bezos my order of gourmet hot chocolate is late. Oh- wait- that’s the Washington Post… Never mind. :)

    I’d say good luck, but in your case I think your talent and general likable demeanor will ensure you continue rising to the top. But hey- who couldn’t use a little luck… So… best of luck!!

    • TV says:

      Nothing against Jeff but I’ve always been a NYT kind of guy. Amazon is in my neighborhood so once he gets back from Sun Valley I’ll have him look into it.

      We’ll see how it goes. Either way, the experience is worth some hard work. Thanks!

  15. JF says:

    Congrats Tom! This is quite a breakthrough. Your content has always been top quality (way above typical YouTube content), I’m glad even more people will be able to access it through the NYT. Also I hope in the future you will have time to make another video like the one you made of your family vacation.

    • TV says:

      Yes, I feel fortunate. The NYT team has been great to work with as we get up to speed. I’ve been lucky to be associated with very good media groups in my career.

      Sadly, with the kids growing up, it’s hard to get them together for a vacation, let alone shooting a video with them. Probably won’t happen.

  16. hiptech says:

    Couldn’t be happier for you Tom, much deserved recognition for all you hard work! It was only a matter of time before high quality and consistently professional work like yours would be appreciated and elevated!

    But here is the real question… what do you tell Jeff Bezos when the Washington Post comes calling? :)

    Looking forward to that coffee soon…

  17. tenstringer009 says:

    Congrats Tom! As long as you’re happy with the situation, I’m sure we will be too. Glad to hear the director’s cut versions will still be available.

    In regards to the car you’re in, I initially thought the new Honda Accord, but after looking at a few pictures, that definitely wasn’t it. However, I think you’re in a cousin of the Accord’s–is it the new Acura RLX?

  18. Facepalm says:

    Thanks for the reveal, Tom. Going with the NYT totally blindsided me but I think it’ll work out real well in the end.
    Also, I’m having a hard time trying to guess the vehicle you’re sitting in… It looks like a large or maybe a midsize sedan, but that’s it. Possibly luxury/premium. Oh well, I’m looking forward to whatever is coming next.