About Driven

The Drive podcast appeared some four years ago and slowly became one of the more popular automotive podcasts on iTunes.  Driven will provide a more immersive experience with a chance for me to communicate with you.  Does the world need another automotive website?  I think so.  Drive subscribers have come to understand my reviews take a real world approach to testing vehicles.  It’s doubtful you’ll stuff more than two bundles of Costco TP into your trunk but it’s my fun way to show how useful the cargo space really is.  My goal is to clearly demonstrate what each car and truck has to offer.  Driven is less about shredding tires, more about shedding light.

Nothing Shows a Car Off Better Than Video

Driven does it best.  Video is what this site is all about and as a TV veteran it’s my goal to get as much of it as possible.  I’m trying to make this information relevant and entertaining for everyone- enthusiasts, families looking for a vehicle that suits their needs, and everyone in between.  It’s my pledge that every review will be as unbiased as humanly possible.

Driven Everywhere

Got an iPhone or other smartphone?  The same web address will give you a handy mobile version of Driven.  A number of unpaid volunteers/enthusiasts and I may have started this site but in the end it belongs to all of us who love the automotive world.  Unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day.  Special thanks to Push Push Pixel Graphics, Randy Omell, Dale Steinke, John Goff, Karen Ressmeyer, Andrea and Nelson Nakata, the folks at KING Television, plus, of course my very understanding family for not getting to all those chores around the house.

Video Blog?

I’ve enjoyed the comments over the past few years about my terrific camera and editing crew but it’s time I come clean.  I’ve always been a one man operation, essentially making Drive and Driven my personal video blogs.   Production work (along with cars) is a passion of mine, I’ve done it for years at KING Television in Seattle.  In the end this should mean nothing to you, the videos are all about the vehicles, not me or how they are produced.   It’s just important to me to keep the process as transparent as possible.  And just so you know, the Emmy count is up to 4 now.

Tell your friends!  Feel Free to link!

The web is all about sharing information and people who stumble upon these reviews really enjoy them.  So go ahead, start an internet chain letter and tell friends and family about the site. I’m not doing this to get rich quick (or at all) but it’s nice having an audience to make it worth the work.  So spread the word.  Always read reviews from different sources though, a car purchase is a serious thing.  Read a variety of them you’ll probably discover a pattern since many of us automotive writers generally agree on the important attributes.  Styling though is always subjective…

Feel free to make requests if you don’t see the review you want.  Thanks for making Drive the top rated car review podcast on iTunes.  Your kind words and 5 star reviews are appreciated.  Driven Car Reviews is here to provide valuable information and educated opinion.  Hope you enjoy the site as much as I like producing it.

Tom Voelk